A trip down memory lane

Thursday, October 02, 2008 , , 3 Comments

Everyone enjoys to take a trip down memory lane... wind, rewind and play it back. It could be random trip where only selected memories are chosen to play. While at leisure, it could be a chain of events, that dance to and fro, bringing a smile or a tear.

I opted to take a trip down memory lane. There were many acquaintances or friends of mine, whom I really wanted to be close with. Only a few stayed, while others vanished beyond trace.

Just wanted to live those moments again and say a proper adieu and let them go.

Reclining on a chair, thinking of you
The happy days when we shared a stew.

My mind crowded with your thoughts
Made me remember the dazed past.

Days we sat for hours at a stretch
Sound of silence, creeping toward the crest.

Friendship: a gesture, putting no pressure or demand
An affection with no label, warm and grand.

Our friendship I thought, will last forever,
BANG!! it came down, with a shiver.

Shattered and bruised, untended and raw
Months at a stretch, with no liniment at all.

You are set to leave, history wiped so clean
If the fate is kind, we would meet again.

Adieu sounds so final; Au revoir my friend...


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Ram Kasi said...

waa waa waaa waaa :((

Shivsu said...

Ephemeral lives... More ephemeral relationships...

Viji said...

yes shivsu...true...

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