now i've decided to blog..... How to?

Monday, January 07, 2008 2 Comments

Out of blue felt like blogging for the first time at a weirdest hour..... it's 1:00 PM Indian time..... I created a blog.... named it as "poetry my passion"

Poetry and Music are my passions.....

I ts thrilling to put my thoughts in to words.... there were days when i wanted to write desperately but failed.

Let me try to write what comes to mind...let me start with a prayer to Muse

A prayer to you, Muse:

I pray thee Muse
To stay by my side,
Sit in my mind
where the thoughts flow...

Pick them at random,
hold close to your eyes
scan them with your mind
Sieve them for errors

Put it back to where it belongs
So now it's ready
With your blessings
I will call them mine :)


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2 Candles:

I like this...i like reading things in the moment, where your thought process is present =).

Unknown said...

Shabba..good lines..but still shabbba...unique beginning but still shabbaa...

wisdom comes with experience

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