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Saturday, December 13, 2008 , , 0 Comments

I wanted to sleep with out a hitch
no sound, no complaints or a twitch.
Closed my eyes and about to drift
heard my window clanged with a stick.
Cursing god for not giving an ear lid
went about clearing with a mop stick.

Laying down to sleep light if not sound
wishing my sanity stays around
a cat's mew, woke me this time
muffled voices adding to the strain.
Sure something gone amiss
woke again to see what it is...
The kitchen sink full of foam
The cat mewing undertone.
Poor cat frightened and soggy
holding for it's life and feeling draggy.

Counted to ten and went back to my pen
wide awake and at my wit's end.
I just pray I find a little quiet
some silent moments out of riots
if i do not find some little peace here
i will lose my mind for sure.

There came the reason for all this pain
looked like an angel with no complaints
wobbly lips and cherubic smile
walked with his cat leaving a trail.
felt like thrashing him with a pole
but laughed and laughed till my throat turned sore.

A sorry etched all over his face
And not so sure about his place
looked at me with looks forlorn
I shook my head and felt for horns
he with his teddy and me with my pillow
a perfect combo with out a need for a trio
We started to laugh and hugged each other
End of story between a son and his mother.

The ?fun continues....


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