Help me please!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009 2 Comments

HELP ME!!! Please...
Guide me to write,
Let me write something, anything.

Thoughts thrashing inside my brain
Heel up, trying to push me
Making me lose my control.

Thoughts which swivel against my brain.
Like a snake slithering through,
Refusing to come out in open
Playing hide and seek...

Thoughts volatile enough to burst
A tiny veil to be broken
Stammering for an opening
Hard to sleep and hard to keep wake.

Albatross squeezing my neck
Words trying to rush out
Like that of a rain rushing down,
A wave thrusting herself on the sand.

Words fail to form, stuck to my throat
Letting me not to spit or to swallow
HELP ME!!!Please...


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2 Candles:

Opaque said...

Writer's block, eh?! Quite annoying isn't it? Especially for the ones who flush out their feelings using words.

Decently written!!! I reckon, you could polish this furthermore. But, that is my opinion. No offence!!!

Viji said...

a solitary comment :)going to couple with mine..

Yes Ajey, I had to agree with what you say.. it just not need polishing, it needs lot more.. will work on it and let you know..

I like this.. instead of praises, would really love to receive a bit of criticism...

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