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Vacation...... Whenever we feel the stress, we think of taking a break. Was talking to my friend last week, I told him that, I am planning for a vacation during the month of may and it could be Andaman or Wayanad or Shimla. "You know, I just want to relax, relax and relax and nothing else". He told me, "Viji, you cannot relax on a vacation as you will be very busy roaming about... It will be a tighter schedule than the usual work days. But after the vacation you will come back and when you think of the good time you had, that's what would relax you". I did not agree then.

But what he said made sense. Yes, when we go for a vacation, apart from sleeping and eating, we take strolls and visit places, go to fairs and at the end of the day we come back to our room dead beat. Do we relax then? In a way our minds are relaxed, because of the new place, different climate, different delicacies that can please our palates, but physically we have to agree it is tiring.

Last year, I went to Ooty and spent 5 days along with my parents and brother's family. Five glorious days.... it was like heaven...

I kept taking photographs...lots...hundreds... everyone was making fun of me... I took photographs of mountains, stream, sky, trees...just nature nothing else. My brother was clicking our photographs... that way we had both nature and us posing before nature.

But today a whole year has gone. (i have posted some pictures here and some of the photos carry the date 8th feb 2008) Still my mind jump to those days and never fail to soothe my mind....

thought of sharing some of those best ones of course and my comments on them :)

a brief reprieve - i was lucky enough to have stayed there for few days

a lonely jack fruit that starts with M ;)

Doesn't that tree look like a dragon???

Colours - various hues and shades

follow me, will take you to nature, untended and raw...

hill is feeling the chill; wrapping herself in a blanket of mist

ooty...the beauty

leaf or flower? why do you wonder? I grow on a pot too.. take me home...

light stealing through

many shades between day and night;shades of green and dance of light

nature in its splendid glory

silvery stream flowing gently... not a waterfall...but a gentle stream trying to find its way down, kissing every rock, every sand, befriending every shrub...i just heard it whisper to me what's the hurry? I have got all the time in the world :)

sky is just not the limit; i can touch it in no time :)

small creek...wish i could capture the sound of the flowing water too and present it before you...

tended lawn and untended mountain..a very thin line in between :)

Way to my cottage

where does it come from??? below the rocks are from behind?

whew...what a view!!! from my balcony...a sheer drop and a majestic climb :)

Beauty unleashed


I swear we didn't fight



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Asha Sundar said...

Very nice photos viji....

Viji, I totally agree with your friend.Pictures are awesome. Your post has inspired me to take a holiday.Guess it's time for me to pack bags and go for a Ooty.

Viji said...

thanks asha..

Viji said...

vandy yes pack and leave:) will help you out with the good places to stay..thank you :)

Shadow said...

what an amazingly beautiful place. and you have a beautiful family too. thank you for your visit. i enjoyed your poetry every much!

Viji said...

Thank you shadows...I am honoured to have your comment in my blog:) visit often

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