A stitch in time

Saturday, May 30, 2009 , 6 Comments

A stitch in time saves nine

The clock when sewn tight to 9
It jumped and ran from the line.
8 tried to bring it back
6 poised and watched like a jealous cat :)

A stitch in time

Seams about to explode
scared of getting my heart exposed
with the aches and hurt buried in
I tried to pick at the strings.

Heard about the "stitch in time"
Picked the needle to mend the line
the separated seams grew closer
felt content as they united again.

The next day saw a run on the other end
needles and thread were sought again
trying to close the gaps between..
at the face things looked new
fresh scars tightly sewn.

The more I stitched
the more it split
closed a gap
while other widened

Sighed when a side was torn
content when it got sewn
sad at a fresh tear
mended with care and fear.

At the end when washed and dried
I found the heart worn out with time
with zig zag lines, rays and circles
adorning the sides like an abstract puzzle.


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6 Candles:

Opaque said...

Wonderful! A delightful read with a good message in it. I reckon this is one of your fine works. It is very well-written!

Umm, I was generalising by correlating this one with life itself. Nicely done!

Keep writing!!!

Viji said...

Thank you AJ... I was really happy when I finished writing this one. It came out very well. glad that you like it too.

Oh! that i never thought of.. now I read it again, I get your point.

Shadow said...

cool read. how i wish i could control time...

Anonymous said...

my life needs lot of stitches too..but do i have enuff time left?

i dont know

Viji said...

@shadow thank you for the read

Viji said...

@chriz you have enough time in the world... not to worry...

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