The long rehearsed letter

Thursday, June 04, 2009 , 6 Comments

How to begin the long rehearsed letter
to write to my love, about my feelings better.....

Shall I start it this way?
Would you promise not to turn away?
Things changed, when you entered my life.
the sky looked bluer, the moon brighter.

Gazing at the monitor before me
spent my time thinking of you.
Playing and replaying
the words spoken by you,
gave thousand and one meaning
to a simple word you used.

Where would I be?
If I had not met you.
the world would be less colourful
if not for you.

love and passion, driving us
spiced up the fire of our emotions
Every minute we spent together
The magic was our trigger.

A battle we won with out pain
No losses, no cries or whatsoever.
not even for a moment, I stopped to think
if I suffocate you with my love and fear.


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Opaque said...

Very touching and romantic, these lines. And, very honest too. I loved the rawness of this one. And, I've always loved the Q&A style of writing in poetry and songs.

Well done Viji! This is very good! Keep writing!!!

Viji said...

Thank you AJ...

Anonymous said...

very romantic thats what i can say now, not getting any more words...!!!

Viji said...

thanks sundar :)

Shadow said...


Viji said...

@shadow thanks

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