Air is mandatory... I knew that today.

Thursday, January 21, 2010 , , 9 Comments

I am not talking about gentle breeze. I am not talking about stormy winds.  I am talking about the reality. I am talking about AIR.

There were 1000 and 1 thoughts in my mind, when I went to bed at 12.  I make sure, that I am in bed by that time, to escape the wrath of  few friends, who insist that I should be in bed by that time. The 1000 and 1 thoughts didn't allow me to sleep.  I was waiting for a promised call from a friend, who is in the US, which didn't come.  I was having the phone next to my side, primarily because I didn't want to disturb my son who was sleeping next to me. The secondary reason could be, I wanted to answer the phone in the first ring itself.

It was 2.30 AM and I struggled to sit up, something woke me. I gazed at my son, kissed him on his forehead, looked at my husband, then the tears started to pour. I couldn't control myself.  I went to the living room, opened the window and gazed at the road before me. one was on sight...not even a Dog or his Bitch was there.

It was hard to breathe.  I felt as if someone tried to throttle my neck. I opened my mouth to suck some air. Experienced a shot of pain starting from my spine and spread over my shoulders . I kneeled on the floor, and bent my head, so that it touched the floor.  It was even more suffocating out there.  I got up and walked fast... Up and Down... It made me more breathless.  I sat down and almost choked. I remembered my kindergarten lesson, "Air is mandatory." Gasping for air, made me realise the truth.  I knew for sure today that with out AIR, no one can survive.

I didn't feel anything for Sure :) who slept like a vulnerable boy.  I didn't feel anything for Ani, who slept like a beautiful angel.  I wanted to feel one thing, the Air. The thought hit me then, anyone can live with or without a family ...but living with out Air?

Air is mandatory... I knew that today.  Planning to start a movement..."Save your breath" :)


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9 Candles:

Yes dear,in my college days, used to have wheezing problem.

Its too terrible to have difficulty in breathing! In ur terms 'WITHOUT AIR'

Viji said...

:) perfectly put devs dear. Smiles n thanks.

Harsha said...

u mean 2:30 AM right??? did u get the call or not???

n dnt work urself too much..

Shivsu said...

Enna Viji neenga...

Office 'la thaan ungalukku worku tightu -- moochchu vida mudiyala'nu sonneenga....

Veetla thoong'rappa koodavaa?

Very bad very bad!!

(P.S. "Save your breath" 'aaa? Ithu nallaa irukkae! Evlo percent vatti tharuveenga?!? Tax benefit irukku 'la???)

Viji said...

@shiv ha ha... you are one guy..I loved the way you put it.

Viji said...

@harsha thanks for correcting me... it was indeed 2.30 AM :) i called in the morning... Will try..thanks for dropping in and Harsha you are a softy at heart after all :)

vidu said...

Viji, After a long time I just went through your blog shocked..

You have not told us about this incident.

Leave all the pressures in office itself and be relaxed at home.

Sleep well Viji.....

Viji said...

thanks for droppin in vidya... just like that nothing great. may be i am exaggerating it a little :) writer's privilege you see...

SO only we say "Happy Bogi"...he he he.....!!!!its happened,happening and will happen all along....cos we started to live wit tat...!!!

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