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I was pinged by two of my friends now an hour back in IM and after a brief chat, both of them said, BRB and left me twiddlng my thumbs, not knowing, if  I am supposed to wait or not.

During the waiting time, I was pondering on the expansion of BRB. Could it be "Bathroom break"? or "Beetles Rock Band"? or "Big Red Button"? or could it be as serious as "Blood retinal Barrier"?

It's almost close to one hour, when one guy went out saying BRB, somehow I had to conclude that, he rather has severe urinal tract infection or it could be Blood retinal barrier.  My other friend took 10 mts break and messaged me "Back", so it should be less serious with him. He took a short loo break, maybe had a 2 mts chat with two of his friends on his way down or back.

Funny abbrevations and funny expansions... I  thoroughly enjoy learning this. If not for my best friends, I wouldn't have checked the wikipedia for this infamous BRB.  "Back right back", it says. Don't ask me if he is? it is only one hour, 5 minutes and six seconds.  I am sure he will be back, he said so himself.


Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard. Google

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Harsha said...

I am taking this post as a warning not to say BRB to u while chatting.. I am just gonna get up and leave.. :P

Viji said...

:)try doing it... will kill you!

Harsha said...

i take that as a challenge.. :P

Unknown said...

sis, still waiting for someone who said brb 2 years back hahaha!!

I had to conclude that, he rather has severe urinal tract infection or it could be Blood retinal barrier.

rolling on the floor with laughter reading this..................BRB is also new to me

BRR for now

Viji said...

:) harsha
@rina then tat "someone" has some serious ailment...even more serious than urinary tract infection or blood retinal barrier...pls attend to that person.

Viji said...

@devs thanks for the read :) let's learn this together

Unknown said...

BRB, Viji. Gonna post a comment when am back :P

BRB..for me also it's new..
but how u describe it's humerus but give warning too.
But I enjoyed while reading BRB..

Viji said...

thanks Kavya for the read :)

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