Spirituality - an echo of mind, heart or soul?

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It all starts with, "Who am I?" A question we often think about and find it too heavy to handle and switch off to music, movie or shopping...

But, the question always remains, echoes as a non-existent walls surrounding us, hitting us whenever it can and we dodging and pursuing more pressing needs.

Whenever, we say spiritual, the images that comes to mind, a man sitting lotus feet and folding his hands or a seer, a yogi... but the images are always in orange, blue, turquoise green or shadows in silhouette... Google "spiritual" you will know what i mean... why that haze? Is it something beyond us?

But, I read few Q&A columns on spirituality. Most of the questions are about inner peace, feeling abandoned, mental depression, divine love, self hypnosis, hypnosis, connecting to the soul...

Strangely, all the answers are connected to God and answered by a spiritual Guru.... I would really be interested on Atheists take on these questions.

Few interesting Qs:

1. I often feel scattered and stressed. How can I be more at peace within myself?

2.  When I turn on the news and see all the natural disasters and conflict around the world, I wonder how I can be better prepared spiritually and psychologically to handle whatever comes?

3.  I have a family member who is falling back into drugs and alcohol. What can I do?

4.  There seem to be so many problems in my life right now that it’s hard for me to keep my faith. What’s the best way to get through difficult times?

5.  My family and I disagree about rock music. Personally the rock beat jangles my nerves and gives me a headache. Our teenage son and daughter tell me rock is "cool," and our ten-year-old son is beginning to follow their lead. My husband says, "So what's the problem?" Any counsel for a frazzled mom?

6. It seems like major change and turmoil is a constant these days. Sometimes I do okay with it, sometimes not. I seem to be able to handle only so much before I get confused, upset and angry. I end up alienating my friends and self-destructing on the job. Ideas?

7. Christmas is coming and I am having difficulty getting into the Christmas spirit. I have actually been feeling kind of depressed and lonely. Do you have any suggestions to help me lift my mood?

8. I am really trying to walk the path of the ruby ray (the path of divine love), but I get confused about how to be true to myself without being selfish. How can I know if I'm being selfish?

9 .I'm missing something in my life, and I know it's about not feeling close to God. I try to pray, but I don't see change. I feel stuck. Then I get angry with God for not helping me out. I end up feeling scared, lonely and guilty. What can I do?

10. I know it is not good to criticize, condemn or judge other people, but I get frustrated when someone is being inconsiderate or hurtful. In spite of my best intentions, out pops a critical comment. Then I get upset and criticize myself. It is as if criticism, condemnation and judgment have a life of their own. How do I stop it?

11. I would like to know what to do with people I love who are closed up and have built barriers around them?

12. What do you think about self-hypnosis?

13. Sometimes I wake up from a dream that feels like a past-life experience. How can I know if I am really remembering a past life or if it’s just a figment of my imagination?

14. How can I know what my spiritual mission is all about?

15.  How can I get to know my soul?

Uh! When I read them, I knew then I am not the only person with problems, almost everyone has problems and everyone of us are fighting to find a way to crack the problems and a way out of this mire!


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