New Year! Few dreams...few realities...

Saturday, January 01, 2011 6 Comments

While we are counting the hours, minutes and seconds for the new year to evolve, It's already New Year in Australia.

Every year we start with dreams of gaining more knowledge, wealth and good health.  On December 31st, I dream of challenges and how to win those challenges. I dream about few scenarios, where I smile radiantly, head proudly poised, as a winner.

Few dreams:

Scene 1:

I sit in the middle of a dias on a chair, and sitting before a grand piano and sing a perfectly pitched song, and play the piano as well and hundreds of people mesmerized by my voice.  I even dream about the white flowing dress and the jewelery, a platinum chain with an emerald pendant, my head held high. I don't know a thing about music, yet I dream and given a chance to go back, I will definitely learn.

Scene 2:

In blazers and neatly pressed trousers, I do a presentation, my hair straight, shampoed, fluffy and neatly arranged, my face minus spectacles and the usual snubbed nose replaced with a small but neat sharp nose and high cheek bones and a slender neck on which a solitary diamond rests and with a lithe, athletic body with perfect curves, waving my hands and stressing the point I am making and few middle aged men with elegant carriage and hair laced steel grey nodding and smiling at me. When it comes to stage and presentation, I panic and sweat and I am the perfect example of stage fear.  If, I get a chance to grow up all again, I will definitely school and train myself to become a good conversationalist and eventually a management guru.

In a beach, wearing a sexiest beach wear and playing whatever game they play in beach, running with out getting breathless and face pink with all the exercise and men around looking at me with awe and I not even realizing the sight I am presenting, continue to play with my friends.  If I get a chance again, I would have maintained my 47 Kgs.

Few realities:

40 Kgs, soft radiant face, long hair, handsome hunk of a guy next to me and we got married during the year 1994. A dreamy face, dreaming about the future full of happiness and only happiness!

47 Kgs, year 1996, a brand new baby boy lying on my hands, his nose scratched red and his second finger inside his mouth and sucking at it noisily.

50 Kgs, year 1999, craning my neck and waiting for my son to come out of his school on his first day to school

57 Kgs, year 2005, I decided that Ani has grown up and took up a job.

62 Kgs, year 2007, the job became a career.  My passion for work developed and I threw myself and thought, ate and drank my work.

65 Kgs, year 2009, I realized that I am gaining lots of weight and had to something about it started to go for a after lunch walk and felt to lazy and started to learn to drive a two wheeler.

69.5 Kgs, year 2010, Still am not doing anything about it. Enrolled for a yoga class and found out that someone has hired my yoga master and decided to kill me. Can't fold my legs for a padmasan and after counting 50 numbers, I found out that I can't unfold my legs and it pained like sweet hell. NO! Yoga is not for me... may be aerobics?

Dream that might come true:

65 Kgs, year December 2011: At Scotland, spending my time going around the air clean and biting with fresh blown snow, witnessing a white Christmas.

64 Kgs, New year Eve 2011: At Switzerland, being a veggie, I lost few Kgs and here I am 64 Kgs and at Switz and learing to Ski.

Brrr. It's too cold, want to get back to Chennai to celebrate the New Year, the loveliest place in the whole world.

New dreams:

I now knew that it's easy and not so expensive to dream, and planning to continue that.

Dream 1: Owning a boutique full of designer platinum jewelery in a most sought after mall (why just stick to silver? it's after all a dream).

Dream 2: Own a house on a mountain slope with white picket fences, a small swimming pool (and I can swim too in dreams), few apple trees. Don't ask me how to work at my shop in the city and still stay on a hillside. It's after all a dream.  Need not be practical...

Dream 3: My son top ranker at school, comes back home and talks to me about his friends, his ambitions and his plans... (I want to remind you this is a dream too and that too far fetched)

Dream 4: Suresh wants me to go with him for the new year 2012 party and that's a BMW he is driving.

Dream 5: Wish I am back to those days when life is simple, tension free and not complicated with money or ego.  Sure, let's go back to those Hero Honda Splendor days, when me (70 kgs), you (60 kgs) and ani (60 Kgs) went out in bike, dreaming to buy a car.


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Opaque said...

All I shall mention is HappY new Year to you! And, I know you shall accomplish your dreams this year.

Viji said...

@Ajey a very happy new year to you. Thanks for your wishes. Have a spectacular year ahead!

darling i too dream a dream of a face without specs and a aquiline roman nose, athletic body with perfect curves,diamond pendants ..

But never 40 kgs. I remember 40 kgs only when I was in 8th std. Gross underwt...

From 12th, all i know was anything above 55 and increasing....

Viji said...

short of plastic surgery, myopic correction, Liposuction, pamela anderson are the only things that come to mind now... But, I don't have the guts to indulge in any of these... will try to be the way I am and always dream about something, where I will not put efforts to do something about it and take any measures... but that's what I am and I am sure I will be this way till the last day I live...

Unknown said...

aaah lovely dreams....lovely indeed...ur realities are a bit of a nightmare though...

i still fear the day you may have to go buy cloth material to get your clothes stitched as no readymades are available..

all my wishes for all the dreams of 2011 to come true...

Viji said...

@blacksnow thanks for the wishes... as long as dress materials are there, no problem...

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