No! not tonight!

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"No! Not tonight!!!” said Aakansha, little vehement and Kaesav was taken aback... His expression was hard to miss, even when it lasted for just a second.

Was he hurt? Aakansha, thinking aloud, twisted the button of the blinds in her bedroom an hour later.  She turned to look at the bed, where Kaesav was sleeping.  His face looked tired and drawn.  

“I look just the same, but what happened to us...where did things go wrong?", thought Aakansha.

Her mind went to the day, when she typed her e-mail link, Kaesav’s mail box opened... "Kaesav should have forgot to log out", thought Aakansha... She should have logged out immediately but, curious as she was, quickly browsed the e-mails and found to her fury, that her e-mails were not even opened...

She opened the "personal" folder with a smile and found 32 mails from a woman and the smile slowly died.  With shaking hands, she clicked them open and found to her dismay it was very personal and there was one photo which was very disturbing... she quickly scanned the  "sent" folder and searched for her husband’s response to those mails and found them.. 

Kaesav found her staring at the desktop.  Aakansha, startled at the sound of the door closing, minimized the window before her and then closed it... Her face flushed, torn between guilt and anger took deep breath and tried to smile and turned to see her husband.  "Are you fine?” Kaesav placed his hand on forehead, you look feverish... She managed not to flinch and said, "Yes, little unwell... took a paracetamol and thought of resting my head for a while... Dinner is ready; can you help yourself just for today???"

"You sure you are ok, dear?” asked Kaesav...

"Of course! Still alive", said Aakansha sounding bitter... Not knowing what went wrong, Kaesav headed for a quick wash and later to his dinner...

Aakansha took couple of sleeping pills and went to sleep and this became a routine to her for the next couple of years...

-To be continued


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