When everything goes wrong....

Wednesday, December 28, 2011 , 6 Comments

There are days when everything goes wrong,
From tooth brush to listening songs...
Rage that raise from inside your stomach,
A bawl, a wail or yell don't keep a check...

Try to smash the glass on your neighbor's door
Shove your brother on the floor,
If you still don't feel better,
Then try things beyond your measure.

If none of these, gives you peace,
Take a noose, hang yourself, you sleaze!
Make sure to light a huge pyre
In case you escape the noose, my dear...


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6 Candles:

Hi Viji....to be serious, i was looking for a "like" button here!!! Lol poem!!!

Viji said...

thanks sundar :) it's a "soup poem" :P

Unknown said...

Y this rage. Unbottled and uncensored. Venting it out, I see. Good for u. Good for inner stability. Kudos

Viji said...

thanks for your compliment, manoj :D

Anonymous said...

even if noose fails, i will throttle you..hush little baby dont u cry
even if throttle fails, i will smother you..hush little baby dont u cry
If everything else fails, I will push you down the stairs..

Viji said...

ha ha... rotfl devs.... i know and understand what you are going through... the poetry is more befitting to you than mine :)

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