The new dress code for women in India

The last decade or so, we see a new dress code evolving. The dress which dominates over other dresses.  Easy to wash, hassle free and quite roomy is the fact why women love to wear them when they are at home, be it night or day or when they go out for local shops or while dropping their kids at school. Night dress a.k.a Nightie is not a sleep wear anymore.

Recently few schools in Bangalore have banned parents from dropping their kids at School wearing nightwear.  After reading this news, I watched a commercial which came with a tagline, "oru kudumba thalaiviya enna unara vaipadhu bla bla bla"... It's weird and quite funny to watch this ad.  Don't miss it! 


These commercials highlight that this dress covers women from head to toe. Probably we are missing something here aren't we? nightwear is not supposed to cover from head to toe, it is supposed to be brief, hassle free, less cumbersome... ahem! to sleep with :p


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I saw till 1 min. i can't take that crap more.

The aftereffect of that ad will be exactly the same way how the ad started - fighting and screaming....

Unknown said...

oru kudumba thalaivi munnala vantha cool aiduma??? elai ennalai ithu...intha mathiri dress potutu munnadi vantha cool aagathu midnight masala range ku hot aagidum...nalla ezhudhraingapa post

Viji said...

@srini come on! you should have seen that video, I have decided that I plan to wear nightie 24X7 going forward... appovaavadhu enna oru kudumba isthiri nu ellarum othukaraaangala paakalaam

@manoj public public... naan evlo decent a ezhudinaen, nee ippadi kevala paduthitiyae? yaarumae reach panna mudiadhu en blog la potathukae ivlo tension aagariyae, dhinam dhinam inda ad sun, vijay, zee tamil nu vidaama podarangalae, appo nee TV ya udaichiya?

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