Kamal Hassan's Vishwaroopam - "Justice delayed is justice denied"

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Today's The Hindu front page coverage on vishwaroopam issue

After observing the battle between an individual and Tamil Nadu government for the past week or two, a not too funny Tom and Jerry race, I decided to write this post and vent my anger, frustration, anxiety and worry on my poor readers.

My usual tag 'I am an optimist, I still in believe in India', has now taken a severe hit.  Either am turning a pessimist or India is testing my optimism and checking my threshold.

This "individual", is a guy who has creative brains, awesome screen presence, with an aura of intelligence and subtle spark of humour.

Kamal Hassan, is an entertainer to the core, who contributes to Indian cinema as a versatile actor, producer, director, screen writer. Someone whom we can look up to and feel proud about.  Someone who enters our conversation quite frequently without our knowledge, through his quips, through his ways of looking at ordinary happenings in an extraordinary way.  Quite a mature, confident (some call it arrogance) man, who pushes himself to achieve perfection, which is hard to achieve in an old fashioned, lethargic, corrupted society like ours. Political leaders waiting for a chance to divert the prying eyes of public from their not so pure public profile.

Whoa! Why am I talking in circles?

Vishwaroopam, his new spy thriller has faced lots of obstacles right from the day it was given the name and continued till the day it almost got released, only to be shelved again. For more than 2 weeks now, we have been talking about this, reserving tickets waiting to watch in the cinemas or paid for the DTH and waiting to watch the film in our drawing room with our family.  did we get to watch? While few of our neighbouring states, countries had the privilege to watch this film and giving good ratings, we are still debating on whether the film would see our theatres or not.

There is this man, who pledged all his properties to make this film and is on the verge of losing everything hard earned by him.
There is this man, who doesn't easily yield to so called rituals of Indian film industry, doesn't stick to norms, quite transparent and strict when it comes to what he preaches and practice.
There is this man, who doesn't support any political party and has no godfather to back him up.
There is this man, who sculpted this film from all angles and made sure there is absolutely no flaw and when he took few steps back to admire his handiwork, to his horror found it was grabbed for not one reason and kept out of his reach till today.
There is this man who after all his hardships said he will burn the tamil version of movie before CM's office and leave Chennai for good.

Even if supreme court dismiss the ban, we can find a new flaw and start a new fight all over again.

God save India, a name sake democracy, a name sake secular country.

PS: Heard that our CM has finally broke her silence and offered amicable settlement.  I can only hope and pray that during  the tripartite meeting, a new issue doesn't crop up.


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