A walk on the corridors of a deserted school....

Those deserted corridors, I walked not fast,
Bright classrooms, empty and vast...
Huge blackboards inked with chalk,
The dreams of toddlers forgotten but marked.

Those cheerful posters of Sun, God and Moon,
Decorated the walls of those dusty rooms...
Every step I took, heard few silent ones steep..
Every corner I peeped, a hidden giggle leaped...

The school bell, I wish to ring,
Wanting to see those kids flood in..
Those cheerful, lovely children gliding inside,
Full of whispers, laughter and pride.

Parents waving their children bye,
Wards planning for those little lies...
Praises or punishments taken alike,
Those tiny little eyes, shine to rise...

Teachers planning for the day's lessons,
Kids await not so patient,
They dodge, they play, they learn and have fun,
They wager, they lose but gain in the long run.

The deserted school not so deserted,
I just have to close my eyes to hear the chatter...
Every stone tells me a story,
I love to listen the now forgotten glory.

If I have hands, two storey long,
I would hug and hold the building strong,
Those invisible tear stains seen on the walls,
I try wiping through this sodden song..

Wish I could revive, the fallen pride,
Wish to raise the mast back and straight,
The silent words screaming loud,
Closed my heart and walked not so proud...


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At one, I learnt crawling was fun. At forty one, I still feel crawling is fun #blamemykneesnotme