Walls of my heart, carry your name...

Sunday, June 30, 2013 , , , 5 Comments

Taking this walk with you tonight,
Inside the deep and dark tunnels of my mind.
I am sure you will be surprised,
Walking the distance and cover the miles.

Every step covers the space,
Adding more miles, on its wake
If you wonder that you are walking twice the length,
You have only covered quarter the distance.

The miles that got added, when I was with you,
The miles that got added, when I thought of you,
The miles that got added, when dreams happened,
The miles climbing the ladder, with your thoughts rampant...

A tiny corner inside my heart
Where your smile, anger, fear, stays intact,
A little home I guard fierce,
That no one can easily pierce.

I can recite every word,
I can recall every smile,
The anger you had shown at times,
Your kindness ruling my heart benign...

The walls of my heart, carry your name,
The veins criss cross holding it in place...
The roots grow from every climb,
Wild and passionate,  the tales twined...


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5 Candles:

Unknown said...

Nicely structured and thought out..loving this

Viji said...

Thanks manoj

Livitha said...

Loved it viji.... especially the mildness n pureness of the thought.... beautiful....

Didnt the ladder break, when you climbed it.. by the way.. why walk and walk and walk..

jus kiddin... deep and thoughtful one..

Viji said...

Thanks livi :) and Devs atleast if I walk and walk and walk, I might shed some weight and you will not get the chance to make fun of me again and again and again.. thanks devs :)

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