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The best and worst part while watching your favorite program in TV can be commercial breaks. Frustrating at times and amazing too.

I very rarely miss a regional music talent show and it's aired Monday to Friday between 9 to 10 PM. Every 8 minutes there will be a commercial break. Just thought of sharing few commercials that stirred my emotions, made me smile, shed few discreet tears and those that made me yawn so loud that I felt incapacitated of hearing.

The telecom ads to start with, airtel is amazing and all their ads capture interest, they adopt different styles in capturing audience's attention. What I started to notice first was their one rupee ads.  

There's this guy who travels by a taxi and as he gets down, finds 1 rupee short in the change the driver hands over and he demands for it.  While, his girl friend try to grab his hand asking him not to fuss. He demands his one rupee back.  The driver cool, hands over his phone asking the guy to watch a music video of Andrea.  Watch here.

A school girl and a young man plays antakshari and this girl can't speak, she pays one rupee and plays music downloading it for one rupee.  Watch here.

A man goes by lift and the lift operator asks the young man if they can be friends and at the confused look he receives, adds hastily "in facebook sir".  The guy smiles and agrees.  The lift operator adds his name is Rocky in FB and his original name is Rakesh, it's about making friends in Fb for one rupee.. Watch here.

It's raining and there is girl whose mobile gets drenched and she is struggling with her phone.  She has to send an e-mail.  A mom who is playing with her daughter stretches her phone.  The girl says she needs to send an e-mail and the young mom may not have it in her phone.  Mom replies she has one rupee e-mail.  Watch here.

When airtel brings in lots of ads, vodafone brought in couple of ads too and this one is quite humorous. It's about "Made for moms", a mom continuously calling her son.  Watch here
When airtel and vodafone pitching their services, Idea mobile networks too plunged in.  Hilarious, the way they try to establish their mobile showroom as 121 no.  More than the ad, there was this guy who commented in their youtube channel, it looks like someone is farting the bgm is to hide the sound of fart.  Watch here.

Lifebuoy ad that was awarded the most creative ad.  Watch here. creative indeed!

Another advertisement that is beautiful is again by airtel about India Pakistan friendship.  Watch here

There are few shabaa ads too.  You feel like banging your head.  One such ad is udhaiyam paruppu. Their competition and the price winner is awarded a car or bike and the fake surprise at the announcement and people standing in line to receive the key. Shucks! Watch here.

I don't even want to start on Vcare hair products...

From being a loyal vodafone customer, I recommended my son for an airtel connection and looks like he is quite happy being an airtel customer.  

Thanks to the talent show, I developed the habit of analysing ads.

Have a good Sunday, folks!


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