Far behind - Act - 1, Scene - 3

Violins in perfect sync and the voice sings...

I see the door to your mind,
The keys lay in my brain.
I try hard to keep your door locked..
Alas! I just can't stop.

One door leads to another,
I leave them open, fearing another,
I can trigger a thought in you,
And follows up till it turns true.

When I slowly close the doors,
It doesn't matter any more...
You are not yours ever,
The key is with me for good and forever...

Curtain raises:

11.50 PM 31st December, 1968

Couples lined up at the bank of Thames to welcome the New Year with firework display.

Arabella: Carlos, it's magical. The fireworks, Thames, you by my side. I am excited. London is special for me.

Carlos (smiling): Yes Abe, it gave you to me.

Arabella: And, you to me.

Abe stretches her hand to Carlos and turned to look at people around and she saw the middle aged man looking at her. She turned hastily and felt her hand touching her forehead.

Carlos: Headache?

Abe: Strange, it's as if someone chose the corridors of my mind to take a stroll. The drinks, fireworks and the band is taking its toll I guess.

Carlos: We can go home if you are unwell.

Abe slowly stretched her back and in a fraction of second things happened.

Abe felt herself getting sucked into the whirlpool of dark chocolate. Round, round and round...she went in.

Carlos: (Shouts) Someone help, my girl fell in Thames.

Carlos removed his jacket to jump in the river, people pulled him and told him it's the most dangerous spot to jump. There was a rumour about a Crocodile been spotted there.

Carlos shocked, sobbed.


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