Emden Bombardment of Madras - 100 years

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Hope you would have heard our your grand parents, while talking used the phrase "நீ என்ன பெரிய எம்டனா?" (What do you think of yourself? You think you are Emden?) I always thought Emden was someone like Hitler, that was till today.

Today's The Hindu, bore the news that it is century since, Madras was bombed.  After reading the article, I went like #facepalm and started to read more about it.  Madras also known as Chennai is always called as அமைதி பூங்கா (peaceful city).

This day 100 years back,  Karl von Muller and his ship Emden from Germany, decided to bombard Madras. Muler believed the attack would decrease British prestige with the local population. At around 20:00 on 22 September this bombing incident took place.  Tough to imagine that such an incident happened in our Chennai.

Shell remains at our Museum and the inscriptions at the place at the shell struck area proclaims the fact.  While Madras was burning, Eveready Battery placed an ad in the magazines and news papers, how important it is to have Eveready torch and batteries handy for an emergency, it was captioned, "Danger lurks in darkness". மதராஸ் நல்ல மதராஸ்


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