Happy birthday, Anirudh!

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Ani, as I call him fondly is my son who completed me. The ultimate joy I experienced was at the small laboratory at Anna Nagar when I held the test report in my hands that said, I am shortly going to be a mom and out of the world moment was when I held in my hands for the first time.

Dear Ani,

You are 19 today and stepping into 20. I feel so proud and at loss for words once. From 2.75 kg infant you have come a long way.

There were moments, when I felt exasperated, elated or angered with you around. But, never a dull moment. 

I want to tell you my dear Ani, you are everything to me, I cannot imagine a world without you. I wait for that moment when you lift your head from all your responsibilities, entertainment and just give your smile and that is enough for me to carry on with this life for the years to come.

I wish you a very very happy birthday da... :) Amma is never good at showing the love you deserve by hugging or kissing or talking proudly to others about you. She pulls your leg, makes fun of you or complain about you. But, in heart she feels very very proud of you. I don't care what you become, but I want you to be a good human.  The rest will follow. Be there when people need you, be it your friends or relatives and do not expect anything out of others.  This is what I follow and I like to make people around me happy. Trust me! It will make you even more happy. Have great self esteem but do not be proud about yourself at anytime, be humble. 

I maybe wrong, but being simple, approachable, and loveable is what will make you happy. I am not saying be content, wish for everything and make your wishes come true, but stop to look around you every now and then. Observe and enjoy little things that surrounds you.

Love you my dear... The only wish I have to god is keep you in good health and surround you with people who will love you the same way we do. 

Happy Birthday Anirudh! God bless you always! 


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usha said...

srimathi definitely ani will be like you. Ani is having that trade mark smile of yours.☺☺

usha said...

srimathi definitely ani will be like you. Ani is having that trade mark smile of yours.

Viji said...

Ha ha.. Thanks Usha :)

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