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It was days like today when all my friends update their blogs I start to wonder, why the hell I named my blog "Poetry my passion" : ( Is it a crime to write about something which is not a poetry?

It is 10.53 PM now, everyone sleeping peacefully, being an insomniac I had too much time to kill.. felt like writing today. I do not care if my friends who log in to see everyday would find this article boring. My brother mailed me on how I should keep my blog active. Felt like writing something, anything.

There are days when my mind stop thinking and refuse to budge... there are days when my mind overworks, while I do not have a paper or a pen to put through my thoughts.

Today though I had my paper and pen ready, as it always is the case my mind refused to function. Thoroughly bored the only thing I was able to think was the ways and means of getting bored and how successfully one can get bored about nothing or anything.

It is really boring when a friend talks, while you want him to listen to u :)

Lack of activity another reason... the best place where boredom chose to prevail is the work place when you are always thought of as the best person to work on an assignment which would definitely bore you. Why me? It is a question even god cannot answer why to tax our brain in vain. Why should I waste my precious time to think about it instead of driving me and my readers bored to death?

Little curious about boredom, thought of googling the word boredom and I was reading lots of fascinating things about bore and boredom, amazingly I was not bored.

Is curiosity the best medicine for boredom? May be I should wait for a long time to wait for you guys to queue in to my blog and that can happen only when you get bored.. I wish my blog would be the first one when you search about boredom the way I searched today. Strangely there were no blogs listed there under that topic. The best innovator award should come to me I guess.

If I have bored you then I have succeeded in my assignment. If i have not bored you then again I have succeeded as a writer. Two way win.

As Leo Tolstoy says "Boredom: the desire for desires." If every word in every language can bore or excite you why not the word "bore" can excite one too?

Now I have performed my deed for the day, I will go and try to sleep.

Found another fascinating word to write my next post - a Tamil equivalent for crap, bore, easy.. Wow what a language.. the word I found so enraptured about is "Mokkai"...

See you guys :)


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If u didn't get sleep better take ur MBA books, don't write these types of mokkai's to put blade on our neck.

wisdom comes with experience

At one, I learnt crawling was fun. At forty one, I still feel crawling is fun #blamemykneesnotme