A Day Off

Friday, February 08, 2008 , 4 Comments

Planned for a month for a day out
Planned of a place,
Planned of another,
But nothing made my heart overwhelm,
Neither the movie nor the fair.
I chose the seaside...
I chose the Marina...
I chose the sandy beach...for its exotic pleasure.
I sat at the shore
Watched the waves roar
I let my fantasy to rule over
I imagined the sea for a bride
Who rushes to touch her lover - the land
Bringing every time some rare stunning shells
I admired the love of the bride
But loathed the land's desire
For sending his bride every time
To seek something or another.
A distant horn from an ice-cream parlour
Made me wake from my dreams
Mind thronging with the day's pleasures
I stood to leave,
Biding farewell to the waves.


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4 Candles:

Bhoo said...

That is an excellent post, Viji. I did not know that you had a poet hidden in you. You surprise me and impress me like hell. Blogging and social networking is so powerful! In fact, more powerful than the family and working together, I think. I can feel an intimacy and respect for you more than I have felt at work!

Great work! Keep it up!


Viji said...

y thanks bhoo..that's wonderful. especially coming from a pro.


Anonymous said...

Viji.. This is simply fantabulous.

I thought of doing dissection. but I cant.Even I saw myself on the same sea shore.
Simple,yet powerful.Short,yet a lifetime

Way to go Viji.

If I were the Ice Cream Parlor Vendor guy, what would you do to me?

Keep it up.Show more to the world.



Viji said...

Thanks Padamesh... if you're were that ice cream parlour guy. I would have thanked you for waking me up from my dreams..u know dreams are happy till they continue.. the moment u wake up there are so many things that need our attention, whether we like it or not. Life is not just the path of roses.. while dreams are. I never fret to tread the path of thorns to reach my goal.

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