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Ah!!!! Fate and Dreams are two exciting topics that holds a mystery ring to it. Thought let me try to unravel or rather allow myself to be dragged in to this.

What is fate? The popular belief is that, fate is a superior power that has control over everyone.

Is it true? It depends totally on the way we would like to think about. Some people would opt to take things light and say that they do not have a say in their future as everything has been taken care of by a super natural power and that they believe in fate.

Is it a lazy man's approach? Some people find this whole thing is a lazy man's approach to life and these people take pleasure in fighting this invisible monster - the fate.

Somehow I feel that this second category of people think about fate more than the first one. He is exactly like an atheist who claims not to have belief in god but do more talking about god than that of a believer.

How opposed is fate to destiny? Fate is something that happens to us while Destiny is something we are chosen to go for. In both the cases of fate and destiny we do not have a say or control.

Just to conclude can we say that we are totally in control of our own acts and we are responsible for identifying and achieving our own destiny? Can we take it that fate determines a person's life according to his karma? Varied thoughts might arise here. I just started to get my thoughts rolling and let me see where it takes me. Towards fate or against it.

My musings on Fate:

Kismet is the title I had given to this poem, as I find the name Kismet equally mystical as that of its meaning.


Crazy indeed to watch
Fate playing its way,
Keeping our hands bound
Wrenching our heart
To its heart content
Makes us yearn
Yet not able to reach
Fascinating as a snake
Looking silky and satiny
Yet the world's best poison hidden
I'm tempted to touch
Though not for the first time
Lord, help me to keep sane
To get rid of these illusions
Which rob me of my good sense.


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Anonymous said...

A thought provoking projection about what fate and dream are all about.

For me,Fate is something which you can change with your deeds.On the other hand,Dream is the guiding light of our lives.One goes according to one's dream. Thats why Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam says , "Dream,Dream,Dream.. Dreams are Important,Dreams Work."

Neverthless, fate is not to be blamed.Its people's deeds which need to be reintrospected.Fate changes with deeds.Good Deeds and Services brings in good luck and Happiness. This is Fate.

wisdom comes with experience

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