That's cruel, you left me grieving!

Friday, August 28, 2009 , 11 Comments

It can't be you
without life.
it's can't be you
so cold to hold.

I remember those days
we played together
I remember those days
we laughed together
I remember those days
we sang together
I can hear your
sing song voice calling out

Why are you so still?
your hands tied,
Doesn't that pain?
Let me release you.
It hurts to see you
wrapped this way.

your photos everywhere
laughing, smiling
slanting your head.
I just remembered
there is not even one
which we took together.

Where are you?
Why do you want to leave?
In such a hurry.
get up you fool!
it's not time to sleep.
why are they crying?

It can't be you
without life.
it's can't be you
so cold to hold.

can't imagine you
with out that smile
Don't leave me
I beg you!
stay for some more time.

it hurts to see you so still
Just wake up will you?
I beg you..
Wake up
Wake up
wake up
I don't want to see you
this way
lying on the bare floor
your hands and legs tied
I just hate those flowers
on you
Why did you tell everyone
that you like roses
those pale pink roses...
every one is bringing them
No, now get up
shrug off those flowers.
I don't want to see them on you.
I'd hate those pale pink roses
till the day I die.
I'd hate that smell
which you used to love
why am I here?
to witness your death?
wish you were in my place
to understand the pain.

Go away
I am not talking to you.

Won't you comeback?
for my sake?
I hate to see you this way.

It can't be you
without life.
it's can't be you
so cold to hold.

come back, dear
please don't make me
grieve for you.

I swear,
I will never talk to you. EVER!
You don't care about it
don't you?
Go! Go away!
the way you wish.
but take those memories too
smiling inside me
it hurts to see that smile
slipping by!
OH! what a waste!


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11 Candles:

Viji said...

life holds no guarantee... it hurts! how it hurts!
I love you so much SM! I will celebrate your life!

Shadow said...

wow, quite intense!

Opaque said...

Pat yourself on your back for me, will you? Well done Viji! Keep writing!!!

Hi Viji, Deep & Intense.

It kind of scares me dear. Not able to get it.

Viji said...

@shadow thank you!

Viji said...

Ajey did that :)

Viji said...

@devasena, How do your friends call you Deva or Sena?

Viji said...

@I lost a friend recently. It hurts a lot to see her leave at such an early age... it's till raw. i am not sure how to cope this loss.. her face keeps coming before me. I think I will go mad. Not able to sleep or eat for the past 3 days.

I know we should treat death with the same respect as we treat life, but I don't knw what to say.

vidu said...

No words to say, very touching viji!!

Viji said...

missing her Vidya! whenever I think of her, I feel what a waste! such a wonderful person full of mirth, life and fun is no more.. just can't believe this.

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