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Saturday, July 05, 2008 3 Comments

Funniest things happen at the most serious hours. Today was one such day. I wanted to wear a simple kurti and Jeans to my office. Chose my favourite kurti and walked towards my iron board and stretched it open (due to space costraint, I always fold the board)...crackkkk one of the screw got screwed. Upset that it broke and more upset when my whole family laughed at my face. I am little? on the heavier side, I had always been a target and was made fun of because of this. More determined, carried the iron box and spread a blanket on my bed and switched on the iron, it was then the most ridiculous thing happened, I smelt fire and in a second the wire caught fire... short circuit and voltage fluctuation is something that Chennai can always boast about. It was then I became angry and threw the kurti and decided to wear a sari instead.

My whole cupboard was in utter chaos. Everyday I pick up a dress and dump it back to chose another. Though people vouch for me as being the most organised one at work, am not so at home to my mom's despair. She keeps straightening things but finally gave up on me and left the cupboard intact with all my dresses strewn and hung with no semblance whatsoever. I chose a saree, and started to search for the blouse. As the hunt began, I found my wrist watch which I lost almost two years back, feeling happy and proud of myself "On finding things", stretched it before my mom's face, only to be put back in to my place by her simple statement "if only u cleaned your cupboard before". I made a face and started to proceed with the treasure hunt. Half a dozen dead small cockroaches and a box full of naphthalene balls lying innocently next to those insects : ( a broken anklet, finally a dress which I bought 14 yrs back soon after my wedding. I took it out, shook it and closed the door, wanting to try it very badly. Apart from few extra kgs I had accumulated, I felt that the dress should fit me fine. But I never expected the dress to have shrunk with many washes. These days quality is lacking in all the products. If a dress can get shrunk this bad in just 14 years something is grossly wrong. We seriously need to rethink on changing our government. The quality is totally at stake. How can India even think of competing with other countries while we lack in quality especially when we're next to China in quantity? Now I started to think about the improving measures on my country, I lost interest in a sheer dress. Gave an earful to my mom, dad and Suresh on how we should all play a part and try to improve our country's status. Ani was the only person missing. I very much wanted him to be there as a responsible young citizen. The culture, tradition and ofcourse thoughts of quality should be imbibed in him.

May be when I go back, should have a serious talk with him.. I started to leave in a hurry. My mom was yelling behind my back for leaving the iron board, iron and cupboard open with dresses hanging around. She was talking about my quality of work at home, I do not understand why moms always make big issues out of nothing. Trying to pose trivial things like these as big crimes. Why can't she think of improving our country instead of thinking about the stupid quality and cleanliness at home.

Got any clue?????


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well, maybe because everything (including charity ;p) begins at home? have u heard this saying "if u want to start changing the world begin with ur closet" ..very apt :D

having said that, your blog is making me look around my house for the first time like never before, and realized i have to begin with my floor !! Well, i could see something lying underneath the pile clothes and papers on the floor....ohh yea !! that must be the food plate i left from last week !!! i m gng to get it now... u did a very good deed for the day !! :) :)


Unknown said...

ahem ahem .... i think iam one step better than you....my floor is atlast clean....i think u knew that but its something so so big that i have done that i cant stop boasting about it....if i dont blow my trumpet who else will ? what do u say :)

Viji said...

yes yes... u can boast abt it.. how can i forget that day when the snake creeped out of that book mound you had. happy to see the floor atlast. will recommend for Bharath ratna?

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