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A few facts and some funny ads on smoking....I am not going to sermonize. So you can take a puff and relax.

Just would like to take you on interesting commercials on smoking. Close to 50% of world population smokes including women. Tobacco originally was used by men and was considered style in men and unsexy in women.

"Blow some my way" the first ad which pulled women upright and made them think "Why can't we?" and the gentlemen were seen asking women, "Would you care for a cigarette?".

It was after this ad, women found smoking sensational. That was a great campaign and wonderful service rendered to this world community by Chesterfield. Then Salem Cigarettes... Wow amazing creativity. Any one who watches these ads would definitely reach for cigarettes.

This continued to the level were a full blown satirical comedy, "Thank you for smoking" was screened recently.

Thank You for Smoking Desktop Wallpaper 1024 x 768

What is so special about smoking? Why people with tight budgets are willing to spend money on cigarettes... several packets. Is smoking just a habit? Does smoking helps to clear your mind, to relax, or is it just for pure enjoyment? Why people who smoke always points out to other things like Caffeine, alcohol even chewing gums as addictions?

Most of the smokers want to quit and several times would have tried quitting but come back to it the moment they face a small trouble.

Some people believe in immediate quitting while others cut down the numbers. Some of them take a puff or two at a time and throw it away. But the question remains. Can any one truly quit smoking? What is there in a cigarette? I have heard that certain additives are added to this sophisticated slim roll which young men and women today feel proud to flaunt. These additives make you reach for your box again and again.

Anti campaign ads on smoking, pleads to those who smoke on the danger of lung cancer and putting your kin next to you to danger too.

But an anti smoker probably would never have touched Cigarette in his hands and being a non smoker he may not know the pains involved in quitting.

More than a debate on smoking is hazardous or not, interested on how people are convinced on trying out a potent poison, which can result in lung cancer. Commercials lure people to try smoking and everyday at least a new batch is getting ready to get slaughtered. More than commercials, young men are the honorary ambassadors who undertake the campaigning activity on spreading the message of huffing and puffing and blowing a heart in the air.

If you feel that Cigarette is good for health and does not cause, in fertility or lung cancer or any other ailments listed out there in the internet.. please let me know. Will definitely write another posting on how good smoking is....

For people who take things light and love to argue for the sake of arguing...

But why am I writing this? I want a friend of mine to quit smoking.

"Please stop smoking; you're killing yourself."

Sorry for sermonizing he he.... I am a non smoker : )


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Unknown said...

hmmm....your take on the whole issue of smoking is engrossing but try however you may there is always a underlying current of sermonizing that just peeps its head every now and then....all that i got to say is the famous quote that Mark Twain said about smoking.." quitting smoking is very easy , i have done it plenty of times.." .To each his own poison... for some its the religious sermons of people who they consider godlike...for some its the pure burning of tar and tobacco and peat and carcinogens and paper and.... oh my god ...smoking does look dangerous :)

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your site via google as I was trying to find a really gory and horrid wallpaper for on my desktop as I am quitting, well I have cut down, I have nicotine gum and yet another major chest infection :o( anyway the pic you posted about "thank you for smoking" came up on 2nd page of google image search. Thanks for the brief history too, my gran had some of those cig posters, I forget the brand but it was more or less saying smoking is smexy :o( in the days before they knew it killed you - taking the meaning "dead sexy to smoke" quite literal these days. I hope your friend quits, get him or her to join a stop smoking group, seeing the youngish woman with emphysema and a young lad with lung cancer makes people see it in a different light then the money, I am buying a new computer with my savings. Great blog, shalom, HG

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