how many things can go wrong in a day? I have lost count.

Friday, September 19, 2008 0 Comments

Gazing at the TV, opened the fridge door right on my face.
Rubbed the lump on my forehead and knocked off my glasses.
Picked the glass pieces and got my fingers pierced.
The day started this way and continued to be the same....
Saw my bus standing at the bus stop and not wanting to miss it, ran all the way to find the bus deserted with a flat tyre. People out there were suppressing a smile. To save my face, took an auto rickshaw to office and ended up paying 100 rupees. My colleagues were out talking aloud, "Server down; systems' not functioning".
Only six things have gone wrong so far ...14 more hours to go and am still counting.
Ask me tomorrow, I'm sure there would be more. How many things can go wrong in a day? I have lost count.


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