Lunar Mission Success! For Whom??

Saturday, November 15, 2008 2 Comments

Jubilant to hear that we had left footprints and our tiranga jhanda on the moon as Chandrayaan I, our unmanned moon mission successfully launched the moon impact probe on the surface of the moon. India has now become the fourth nation to probe the moon's surface.

It's essential for India to join the super powers and strengthen our stand in the world arena. Launched at the cost of $83M, the probe will remain in the orbit for two years and carry out scientific research.

While our quest to reach the moon is now achieved, we cannot ignore the thought while millions lack even the basic needs, does this extravagance is really required??

“On one side, the lunar mission will put India on the world map of high-level cooperation in space technology. On the other, it strengthens our resolve to fight issues like poverty, hunger and illiteracy through strategies,” said K. Kasturirangan, former chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and Rajya Sabha member. Even the person behind this success cannot help but think of poverty, hunger and illiteracy while celebrating the victory.

As we are planning to launch the manned mission by 2014, which is going to involve more cost, we should also try to resolve or atleast make a head start to attend to the pressing problems. That is when we can really call ourselves a success and have the right to celebrate.


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Anonymous said...

Here comes another great post.You said it right. In our pursuit of technological superiority,we have ignored every facet of our lives and society.What would we do exploring the feasibility for every damn thing on the moon? We have not been able to look after our country,forget the earth.

Better if we make plans and projects to make our country and its people better.

Viji said...

I thought so too... will India ever change? Will Gandhiji's dream of Ram rajya will ever come true? let's hope that our country will gain the splendour and glory it deserves...lets stand united and fight..hope is the only thing that will keep us going..

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