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Sunday, November 09, 2008 1 Comments

My friend Ram's post.... read through and watch the video.

We will realise how blessed we are...yesterday was heaven, today is fun and tomorrow is secured for us... while there are people whose:

yesterday was a ??? on how they managed to survive.
Today is a ??? on how they are planning to fight to feed their family.
Tomorrow is a ??? what more obstacles waiting on store.

But they still manage to smile, feel content and gear up to face the next day... while the luckier lot - us, blaming others for our mistakes, selfish and heartless.

Money spent on improving our luxury, can be given to some one needy to fulfill their basic needs is what I strongly feel.. anyhow opinion differs.


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Viji said...

While reading my post after I published it, I had a question myself.
Why should we help someone needy?
When I worked hard and fought my way to stand where I am, why not he???
What is needy for that matter?
By needy, I mean the kids who are forced to work or thrust with out their will in orphanages, old people who are deserted by their kins, the disabled and people who fight hard to live in famine struck Africa..I talk about people who cannot fend for themselves...I do not belong to any social movements or work groups..but I have my conscience and I never shy away to lend my hand wherever its required...No human will have the heart to see another human suffer.

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