37yrs 9mths 26days

Saturday, March 28, 2009 , 18 Comments

Built castles in the air
trimmed it with love and care
lowered down to pick the brush
find the castle vanished with a hush.

Kept walking shedding things behind
every step losing a find
bearing the pain of losing a friend
with no choice but to bend.

the memories of my kindergarten
a huge stretch of rose garden
smell of the rose, attacking my nose
met few friends, lost few more.

Another place, another find
more friends, more breaks
Kept walking shedding things behind
every step losing a find

When I turned 12,
my dad decided to dwell...
Not a swinging pendulum anymore.
started to unwind a little more.

Built castles in the air
trimmed it with love and care.
A Monday dawned with no warning
And my friend said she is leaving.

glimpse of 18, life took a sparkle
giggled in the classes and gossiped around
found a friend, who wiggled in
before I stopped, swiped my NOs across.

Then started the fun, love and altar.
we vowed that we will never falter
still made friends, bade adieus
but him near my side, took things light.

doses of love and baby on the way
life was heaven and fun all way
life seemed to fly
i stopped to think
my son happy?
with loads of friends...

he told me the other day
how boring to stick to a place
Another place, another time
New faces, new finds

37yrs 9mths 26days
Thought I was wiser,
But learning is what we do
when things falter.

taking another step
to find a new find
a few hits and few misses
feigning happiness / feigning frowns
have i come a full round?


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18 Candles:

Opaque said...

That illustrates your life's milestones. Nice work!!!

I expected it to end with the line "Built castles in the air...". I presume that is because I am more into songwriting than poems. So, pardon me on that. Well done, you!!!

Umm, I visited your son's blog - FANTASY. A lot of talent in that lad; convey my best wishes to him, will you? I left him a comment for the posts on his homepage. I hope he finds them useful.

Keep writing!!! You must be his biggest inspiration.

Viji said...

Ajey thank you for your comment... yes i was toying with the idea of whether to add the opening stanza as a closing one too. But since, I was questioning Viji if she had come a full round, i thought i shd leave it like that.

Saw your comments in ani's blog, they were appreciative but at the same time candid and I am sure he will take those tips and work on them. his final exams are happening now, so i guess he had not logged in. by next week he shd start blogging with a zest, i am sure, now he has a couple of followers and lots of comments flowing in. More than poetry he is good in writing stories, just like me :) i write stories in comments. I thoroughly enjoyed one of his recent story "zoo escape" but he is too lazy to type and he wants me to type it for him :(

Unknown said...

come a full round?

what the caterpillar calls the end of a life, the true master calls it the beginning of a butterfly.

what the grapes call as destruction, the master calls the creation of wine.

what you call as a full round, i call it the beginning of a brand new you...

Viji said...

thanks manoj... you are right I guess...

The beginning of a brand new me :) metamorphosis... good thought, never thought that way before.

Opaque said...

You've just been awarded!!! Congratulations!!! Visit my spot for the award!!!

Viji said...

Thank you Brosreview! Collected and showcased it :) you made my day buddy

Anonymous said...

ill be there in ten years time...

arumai.. mikka arumai..

memories and past-hood in poetry.. liked it

Another good piece of work, viji. I can so relate to this...except for having kids.

I am going round in circles
Though My life is poison
And I stick to the horizon
I know, I will
And I am still going round it circles..

This is a quality write Viji Ma'm....Nostalgic, absolutely fantastic....


Viji said...

Thank you Chriz... coming from you :) incredibly happy.

Viji said...

Vandya :) give one more year, you will totally relate to it ;)

Viji said...

Rahul thank you for visiting my blog... plz call me viji. i really feel proud to have your poem in my blog..."I am going round in circles" how true.

sudharm baxi said...


This was such a lovely piece, i should first thank Ajey that i got the opportunity of having a look at your blog (he posted his FAVs).

And with such loveliness you have portrayed your life, loved it sincerely, in fact wanted to read more of it..

Viji said...


i'm really touched.. very happy that you liked my spot...sorry for not replying your comment soon. my son's exams not logging in these days...

waiting for 9th for my son's exams to get over... rather my exams :)will visit your spot soon to read your work.. thanks for following me..

Unknown said...

nice work....looks like a short auto biography!!! one thing in common is that i can find many emotions.
Kudos to you


Viji said...

hey sundar thanks for ur comment... nice of u to stop by:)

Shivsu said...

Hi Viji!

I must say, I find your words light as well as deep at the same time...

Now, looking at the pic, I ask you:

(1) Serious question:
"What is the new pair of wings you've grown?"

And looking at the last line of your poem, I ask you:

(2) Dumb question:
"Is there a big fat pun intended on the last line of the poem?"


Viji said...

shiv thanks for the comment..

now for your serious question, it's not just me, every individual at every stage has to develop if not a new wing atleast a new feather, to keep afloat.. hope you get what I am trying to say.

for your other question: won't call it a pun, maybe you can it that way...for me its a missed reality. But I don't regret any of my decisions till today. I think good and I do good that way everything results good only.

wisdom comes with experience

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