A brief reprieve

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 , 4 Comments

Gone our days dull and colourless
A brief reprieve from the monotonous life
A colourful kaleidoscope
Mountains, plantations,
Flowers - various hues and shades
weaving through nature.
feast for eyes.
Mists embracing us like a long lost mother.
Scary, exciting mountain tops
waiting to be explored...

Nature in its full swing.
Amazing indeed to stand on top of the world
Gazing at miniature houses,
stretched out in patches,
caught sandwiched in between the mountains

A tribute to Mother nature
this beautiful earth
tiny flowers,
deep lakes,
majestic mountains,

True to Keats’s words
"A thing of beauty is a joy forever"

Again another old one...


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Opaque said...

Yea, I can relate to this. But, can I add, I feel so only while in India. Hmm.

Good writing!!! Thanks, you for reminding me of home.

Viji said...

Where is your home in India? which place you belong to? do you visit often?

this one I wrote when we went to OOTY. happy that you like it.

Anonymous said...

Its true,...esp. cought in my camera,during my trip to Walparai...we stayed there in woods fo r3 beautiful nights,.... we couldn differentiate among man n monkey, jaguar n jegan....


Viji said...

guys are always lucky... i am jealous.. my bro used to like that plan for a trip during weekends and in a jiffy will go away with his friends... how i wish i am man too... how i wish. SIGH

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