a dash of heart

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 , 10 Comments

One moment thought,
I was safe with you,
the next pushed away...
Why not hold me instead
till the storm passes away?

Why should I be compelled
to stay on the shore?
watch you getting torn back and fro?
Tell me how to ride the storm.
Teach me to brave the winds along...

Can't we stay in the dry dock
enjoy the warmth of the sun and sand?
Oh! why can't you be like me?

life is so simple....

a dash of feeling
a dash of smile
a dash of heart
is what required,

heady cocktail
now ready,
waiting to be served...


Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard. Google

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Opaque said...

"a dash of feeling
a dash of smile
a dash of heart
is what required,"

So true!!! A soft one from you. Neatly written!!! Keep them coming!!!

Anonymous said...

life is a heady cocktail...

thats a good take on the whole subject

Shadow said...

i love your cocktail... coming up!

Viji said...

thank you Ajey...soft one :)

Viji said...

:) chriz

yes it is.. isn't it? i swear i have never touched one till now...

ellam kelvi gnanam thaan.

Viji said...

shadow :)

let's toast for your 2 blogs, 1135 + 57 posts, 8400 profile views, 154 followers, 23 awards given by fellow bloggers... reasons enough to celebrate :)

heady cocktail to you ;)

sudharm baxi said...

heady cocktail..

Life, thoughts, expressions
reactions, relations
- everything a cocktail..

Liked it..

Viji said...

thanks for your read Sudharm :) happy

Unknown said...

realy viji...heady cocktail life.. cant expect how it will taste...!!!

Thanks to you, u gave me a new analogy for life,....(cha pondyla irukura enakku cocktail maranthu poche....!!!)

With lot of KICKs,

Viji said...

lots of kicks is what you will get, when you taste this particular cocktail... PONDY yeah :)

wisdom comes with experience

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