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Monday, April 06, 2009 14 Comments

I just got tagged by Brosreview & Make me disappear to
participate in a new meme. The following are my responses followed by the rules.

What are your current obsessions?

Losing weight, my son Ani's exams, planning for my holiday waiting for April 30. going to my bro's place, waiting to play with aareev - the little devil my nephew, from there a
week long vacation to Mahabaleshwar.

Which item from your closet are you
wearing most often?

Levis jeans and my beautifully embroidered navy kurti

Last thing you bought?

LFT monitor, Revlon 2 in 1 straighten it out hair iron

What's for dinner?

good old sambar and delicious Dosas...

shrikhand for desert

Say something to the person who tagged you:

Ajey: let me know how you manage to get the perfect lines which really
stops us on track and gaze at it dumbfounded.
eg: "this heart's no diamond"
Wish that line came to me...

Rahul: known you through orkut and my blog..
how do you manage to read, comment every poem and also write so much :(

Favourite vacation spots:

kumarakom, ooty, goa

Vacation spots I must visit before I die:

Scotland, Tibet

3 things to do before I die:

learn to ride a bicycle

beat my son in sudoku

a solitary walk in the streets of Tibet

Reading right now?

Class 8th History, Geography and Civics - my son's exam tomorrow.

What is the last movie you saw and enjoyed? Rate it out of 5 stars.

Gajjini (4/5) like Aamir... in DVD i watched, Sound of music (5/5)

Guilty pleasure?

tried getting into my salwar suit, bought 14 yrs back soon after my wedding... I' d gathered only 18 kgs so far...

First spring thing?

Spring in Chennai??? Kidding?? we have summer... hot summer for 9 months and moderate rains the next...

I would love to run my hands on the green grass covered with dew...
close my eyes and feel the cool mountain breeze, smell the fresh flowers, hear the bees buzzing,watch the butterflies flutter ... sigh

Best thing you ate or drank lately?

Give me freshly brewed COFFEE any time... my all time favorite

Care to share some wisdom?

Live for today. If you think about tomorrow you will tend to save something for the next day, which eventually make you give up today's delight.. that way you will have an unsatisfactory today and burdened tomorrow.

A boon you would ask for if God came before you:

I know it's a kiddish question, but i would ask him to make me atleast 10 yrs younger...

What would happen if you are not a women?

I would have been a guy and spend this time with my friends, catching a movie or go on a long drive.

Rules and Invitation to participate:

1. Respond and rework.
2. Answer questions on your own blog.
3. Replace one question. Add one question.
4. Tag eight bloggers:

I tag the following:
2nd January 2010:

Have fun!!!


Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard. Google

14 Candles:

Opaque said...

"Ajey: let me know how you manage to get the perfect lines which really
stops us on track and gaze at it dumbfounded."

It just comes to the mind Viji. Glad you like my songs. Thanks for that.

"good old sambar and delicious Dosa"

Last time I made those here, it was a disaster. No, the sambar was fine. The dosas were quite playful, you see. Hehe.

"Class 8th History, Geography and Civics - my son's exam tomorrow."

Haha, okay. Convey my best wishes to your song. He will do well, for sure!!!

Keep writing!!!

Viji said...

"Convey my best wishes to your song. He will do well, for sure!!!"?

no wonder you write so well...
conveyed your wishes to ani :) he had done well so far... still history is the most difficult paper for me :(

Viji said...

" but i would ask him to make me atleast 10 yrs younger..."

For people who read this blog... i'm pretty comfortable when it comes to ageing... i believe in getting older gracefully..
there's a special reason behind this request:) and i'm not telling hehe...

Thank You for responding Viji.

Convey my best wishes to Ani for his exams. He will surely do well. :)

And yes, I might write a lot, but they hardly are up to the mark. Ajey know that, hehe..

Still fighting my enemy.


Viji, thanks for the tag. Enjoyed reading your meme. We women have to take care of so many things and yet we manage to have fun. It would be my first meme,will do it asap.

Anya said...

taken well.. and i call myself a sudoku expert.. just randomly fill the squares with numbers... no one checks them anyways...

so your son really plays it the correct way? then he should be good in it...

Viji said...

i know Vandya...women are way too great:) men know that too...why do you think men marry women? coz they know they are helpless with out us... why do you think women marry men? we know that they are helpless with out us... coming to the fun(nier)side, whether I had fun or not, ani had.

sorry guys...too much of science today.. damn i was way too embarassed when I had to sit with ani and he read about puberty and adolescence.. those are the only two decent words i can put in my blog...when i was in class 8 i read about metamorphosis of butterflies and frog, my mind never made a mental note on their sex life..

now they read about boys and girls, damn everything out there in open... oh those sly, knowing looks he gave me, i hid behind the book...after almost 15 yrs i blushed :(

where am I? yeah men are helpless, they can't even teach their kid a lesson on "reaching the age of adolescence" :D

Viji said...

@Chriz:I always have a finger placed at the solution page :) just in case..i cheat only when people are not around ok? not all the time..

am just a beginner but ani is a pro:) he should be a pro, coz he won a prize in his school sudoku challenge. oh! leave it...not sure anymore. as you say "no one checks them anyways..." :)

Anonymous said...

Hi madam,

I found ur blog and right now posting a comment for you, nice blog with nice poems in a natural manner.

vijay anand

Shadow said...

your wisdom is breathtaking! thank you for sharing it!

Viji said...

hey bought a new nokia 5800 xpress music :)

Viji said...

Thank you shadow for the kind comment;)

wisdom? i doubt :)
studying class 8th history
cheating in sudoku
feeling embarrased on reading my son's science lesson
celebrating buyin a new gadget

but you know shadow you made my day :) thank you...

your blog is what i would call breathtaking.. i love everything in your blog from the photographs you select and your write up, every piece screams WIT. I "loved there is a time".

Viji said...

Thank you vijay for visiting my blog. your blog is interesting. will read yours and comment :)
thanks again for reading and appreciating my work.. every word of encouragement is what motivates me to write.

Anonymous said...

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wisdom comes with experience

At one, I learnt crawling was fun. At forty one, I still feel crawling is fun #blamemykneesnotme