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My shadow
walked along
behind me
beside me
before me...

A storm
he is gone.
I walked
and walked
on the look out...

A glimpse,
a mere outline,
that could be my shadow
not beside
or behind
or before

twisted and turned
trying to find
he should be there
somewhere behind.

a gloomy moment
he is gone
the sun came along
SEE! there he walks along!


Not a moment of shame
or a moment of guilt
promises unkept
Still plays around.

Behind me
Beside me
Before me

Want to shed
the shadow that crept
narrow not wide.
The selfish guy
who follows when he feels like.

want to get rid
will do it quick
the more i stick
the more i am stuck

my shadow
behind me
beside me
before me
only on a sunny day...
So what's the great deal?


Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard. Google

6 Candles:

Opaque said...

Fantastic!!! This is so very well structured!!! I love the words and the word play here. Well done, you!!! Keep them coming!!! Keep writing!!!

Viji said...

Ajey, teriffic to note that you liked it :)

Anya said...

walk inside a pitch dark room.. there wont be any shadow.. felt like seeing an italian movie

nice one

yet again

Shadow said...

what a great poem!

Viji said...

:) chriz.. thank you for that "Yet again"

Viji said...

*Bows* shadow

wisdom comes with experience

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