A wild song

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 , 2 Comments

Heart playing a wild song
while trapped inside
craving for a break through
sobbing for release...

Tried to shrug
tried to sly
nothing helped
to bring the walls down.

A simple smile did the trick
could feel the walls crumble
brick by brick.

Stood there, took a deep breath
emotions raw shredding me to pieces
every ripped piece dancing in its release.

Cannot help but look at daze
hands holding and the place ablaze...

Watched those eyes light with passion
face lifted, eyes closed
every fibre tingled and singed.

Felt afraid to take my first step
you stretched your hands
I took it without hesitation

Feeling secured in your powerful grasp
you took me to places,
I had never been
made me laugh,
made me cry
made me learn
what is life...

As I started to revel and enjoy
Why did you snatch your hands away?
My heart silently broke,
when you moved away..

Back to my day
an empty smile on place.
Thanks fate! For being so kind.
Though ripped apart, am not feeling the pain.


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2 Candles:

Opaque said...

Love the analogy here. Or, it is probably the main plot here. This is good, very good. It is like you expressing your issues as a third person.

Very wisely written, this one. Keep at it!!!

Viji said...

you know I commented almost the same thing for one of your song... i felt the same way when I read your lines, where i felt that you stood on a different plane and wrote about yourself. Though the lines were in first person, while I read it sounded to me that you are not talking about yourself or rather expressed yourself in a third person perspective...

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