Viji going on a holiday :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 8 Comments

I am leaving for Mumbai, to my brother's place on 1st may... from there to Mahabaleshwar . Will be back on 10th...

Been waiting for such a break for almost one and half years. just want to relax...would like to be amidst nature with my love Suresh and Ani, who comes attached with his PSP :( spoil sport.

will keep you posted with photos as soon as I am back.

Bye friends! take care..

@Ajey missing your songs... why such a long break..

@Manoj don't take another two or three months for writing another post, Work is important but health is important too. Don't over work. take care.

@Chriz take care of your health. hope your loo episodes has come down :) you look damn cute when you were 10 months old :)

@Madhav no new postings... how did your college cultural go?

@Srini!!! dear bro, now you have another excuse for not writing... you can tell the world that your sis joined you for a holiday and no time for blogging..

@Rahul I like your songs... they are fresh and full of emotions.

@Maha thank you for following my blog and for that wonderful mail.

Most of all, I am working on a very important assignment, I feel terribly bad that I chose this time to take the break. What more my boss, unlike other bosses told me that I deserve this break. Thank you Dhaya.

feeling emotional.. don't know why...

Maybe I know... I am completing 38 on 2nd May :( Whew! I am getting old.. got to face the fact soon.

Now I have said everything, I will leave.. meet you guys on 10th.

Till then take good care of yourselves.



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Anonymous said...

Bye Viji, also moving to Wayanad,...!!!

Catch u after a short break...!!!

Opaque said...

Hey, enjoy your time!!! Well, my hands are quite full. Been very very busy with related work though. So, it is fine!!! I appreciate the concern.

Viji said...

@Sundar that's wonderful... have a wonderful time... take care.

Viji said...

@AJ :)

Shadow said...

enjoy your break!

Viji said...

Thank you Shadow :)

Hey Viji,

I am so glad that you mentioned me here. It's such an honor.

Enjoy your holidays...God Bless

Hope to see you back in action soon.. :)

Anya said...

hahaha... wish i was ten month-for ever...

but age soon caught up...

loo memories are over..

TR RAjendhar will soon hit my page

have a wonderful vacation


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