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Thursday, April 23, 2009 10 Comments

Human relations...
emotions kept on check.
Geared with a smile
ready for the day's work..

Been with my hire
all those years,
welcomed him aboard
helped him every step.

Lifted his spirits,
when he was down.
Warned him ahead
on the signal of the storm.

All said and done
my heart still hurts.
A tired smile
playing on my lips.

My job done.
His just begun.
Has to face his family
pink slip in hand.

His kid running to him
for the usual kiss and hug.
Shocked when he was thrust aside,
With no warm smile or a tug.

His drunken state
a witness for his pain
but child too young,
to understand the strain.

Human relations...
emotions kept on check.
Geared with a smile
ready for the day's work..


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Unknown said...

Really this topic could be clearly explained by you !!!By the way,one thing i admire in yours is in most of ur works,ur giving best solution to most of the psyco.probs - "Kids"!!!

Thanks a lot,you ve given a new avenue for the marketers to enter in the man's life (one who s with pink slip!!!)


Opaque said...

I agree with Cognizance. There is a personal touch to this one like quite a few other poems of yours which makes it a good read. And, it makes one quite concerned too.

I could visualise the entire scene in me mind. HR is after all a touch job. You've provided us here a more appropriate job description.

Keep writing!!!

Viji said...

Thank you Sundar..my forte is always PR... Now we finally met, you would have understood that. I love talking to people and more than talking, I love listening to them. Faces and their thoughts interests me..

I never keep it at that level, will get attached to people very easily and it becomes difficult eventually in certain cases. I am a good HR, but I should leave my heart at home.

"Kids" is about all about Ani :)

Viji said...

Thank you AJ.

Yes, almost all my poems has the personal touch.

Once a person finish reading my blog, I think he/she will know me better than me.

At times it's boring to write about oneself, that's the reason why i am addicted to your blog. I get to read lines on different topics with different views.

May be next time I will use this poem as a JD, when we have an opening for HR :D

sudharm baxi said...

While reading most of your pieces, it becomes quite evident that they are coming through a lady because of all the emotional quotient attached to them and i tell you what i love this thing immensely. Great work!!

This one particularly - so true, more than half of the population of this planet, at this instance, can associate with the pain here..

Lovely and very true.

Viji said...

thank you sudharm

Viji said...

thanks Vandya

Shadow said...

very life-like...

Viji said...

@ shadow thank you :)

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