Rape of the lock - Pope will kill me if he is alive :)

Friday, April 17, 2009 , 8 Comments

Long silken tresses floated down your neck
Reached to your shoulders, when brutally cut
The fallen lock cried to me...
See the injustice and cry for me
I gave you pleasure, when you ran your fingers through me
I gave him pleasure, when he got noticed because of me
Now for some reason he chopped me without heart
you who enjoyed me didn't speak at all.


Oh my Babe! if only I knew
I would have stopped him from cutting you
the glossy soft, gorgeously spun
Would love to have you my dear friend...
tucked below my pillow
wear it on my sleeve.
Show it to the world that you are my treat.
Leave your master who doesn't care for you
And come home to your love who will live for you
Do me a favor dear lock, will you?
Drag that head too along with you :D


Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard. Google

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Opaque said...

This is so very well-written!!! And, I like the ending, a pinch of comedy there!!! Good job!!! Keep them coming!!!

Hey I have read this somewhere else too.Did you post it on orkut?
Can't imagine Suresh in long hair. Was this when he was in college?

Viji said...

Thanks Ajey.

Viji said...

yeah you did Vandya. Sure always sports long hair... He goes for a cut only when he feels like... that would be once in 6 months :D

Shadow said...

very sweet.

Unknown said...

Sema twist @ the end!!! Super....!!!

Anya said...

a modern day version of samson...

the last three lines turned the poetic flow into a new direction


Viji said...

@shadow thank you
@sundar... you spoil me with your flattery buddy...
@chriz: modern day Samson indeed...I forgot samson when my finished my PG :)
so many beliefs, myths is related to this subject. Mahabaratha too has a similar instance...

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