Reverse Metamorphosis

Sunday, July 19, 2009 , 4 Comments

Under the blue sky
In the garden of wild flowers 
I flew happily
Taking pride in my vibrant colors
Every other person falling in love with me
I looked at the other way whistling. 

No one made my heart flutter
I flew with head straight
Felt like a queen 
Flying next to plain butterflies…

The fated day arrived,
When the swarm of butterflies
Batting their lashes
Made their way towards you.

There you flew
A striking contrast
No spots
No lines 
Lead grey
Laced with silver
Looking distinguished 
Amidst colorful ones 
For once I felt overdressed
Felt shy and hid myself.

I saw you turn to my side
Making your way towards me.
I wanted to fly, yet wanted to stay
Feelings powerful, I fluttered
Pinned by your gaze 
Unable to move
You came, looked and conquered.

Now you left me for another colourful one 
Not a glance, a word or a smile,
My wish was to die…
I wished I was another plain butterfly...

I flew to the corner of my home
Cocooned and hid under my caterpillar skin. 
I feel so cold here
If only I can go back to my mother’s womb
Won't I feel safe and secure?


Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard. Google

4 Candles:

Viji said...

Not my style of writing..little unsure.would appreciate your candid comments...

Viji said...

my poems always rhyme and when I read it again, it sounded like a prose :)

Opaque said...

Yes, I gladly feel this is different from your usual stuff. The two keywords are "gladly" and "different". Yes! this is very good! This is more mature than your previous stuff. Also, this is easily one of your best works. So, keep at it!!!

Viji said...

Thank you AJ. You know the original one I wrote 3 days back and it had an epilogue.. can you believe that? look old days I wrote a epilogue :) I can't bear the sad end, hence the epilogue.. haha.. but i had to delete it for it looked so odd and sound forced...

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