Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary - Amma and Appa

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Hi Amma, Appa

Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary!

I wanted to write a poem but I think for once I am at loss...a poem can never express what I and Srik would feel for you both. The feeling on top of our mind is love, joy and fun...

The most wonderful parents God ever created!

40 years of love
40 years of mirth
40 years of trials and tribulations
small fights
laughter filled days
hard times lightened by your love for us
the way you sheltered us from all the hardships and showed us only the brighter side..


Hope we both lived to your dreams and expectations...

Seeking your blessings:

Srimathi, Suresh,
Srikanth, Sejal
your sweethearts Aareev and Ani

Playing back some fond moments of our lives...

5th November 1939: Dad born

14th January 1942: Mom born

12th September 1969: Dad and Mom got married. The day all our lives began.

2nd May 1971: This day I was born and I don't remember anything about it... I am sure it would have been the best moment of your lives..

1974: The day I got admitted in Rock Hood School, in Hyderabad.. I still remember you both standing anxiously craning your necks and not having the heart to leave... you told me that you will be waiting near the water fountain in the play ground and when the school bell rang in the afternoon, I saw you both waiting for me and I asked if you had lunch you said "no". The next day I wanted you both to go home.

5th October 1975 - Srik was born

1975: The small Usha table fan we bought. It used to make lots of noise as it used to oscillate, we sitting close to it to get atleast some breeze. It used to sit next to Srik's cradle. Later came the Orient ceiling fan :)

1978: When Srik started school, unique kid. One kid who enjoyed going to school. Right from two he wanted to go to school with me and I remember his love for Jasmines... the way he used to grab it from my plait and wanted them for himself. He used to call me Akka.

1979: I was very proud when you both came as the judge for the drawing competition held at our School (Vivekananda Vidyalaya)... Felt so proud that day.

Appa the innumerable charts you used to help us draw for our school exhibitions.

1985: First portable Philips B/W TV, bought when I studied in 10th. Two years later we bought solidaire CAT14, the first program we all watched was S.Ve Sekhar's "Kadhilae Poo" play and we used to wait for Sundays to watch Rangoli, Arun Govil smiling and Deepika crying in Ramayan, and Super hit Muqabla, Circus, Junoon, Sea Hawks... ha ha those are the days! Srik and me watching cricket matches..

1987: Our first Hitachi Tape recorder

1987: My college admission

1991: My first Job

1992: Srik's College admission

1994: Sure and me got married

1995: Srik's first job

1st July 1996: Ani's entry to this world

1998: Srik left for Mumbai

1999: Your 60th B'day Appa! the small celebration we had that day...

25th April 2003: Srik and Sejal's wedding

28th November 2006: Aareev was born.. though not a Royal family, he is still our Prince.

12th September 2009: Today your 40th wedding anniversary and me and Srik would very much want to hold your hands and stay close to you our other hand extended to our extended and expanded family. We are not just 4 now we have become 8 and when you celebrate your 80th it would be more and I want to live till that day and write another post in my blog on our memorable moments... I know I am greedy but rightfully so!

Take good care of us as always! Love you both!


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vidu said...

Iam very happy since Iam the first person to comment on this post.Most of the post I have been the last person to comment.

Really amazing Viji, You are able remeber all your olden days when you bought taperecoder, tv ,fan etc:)

Convey my hearty wishes to your Dad and Mom...

Viji said...

Thanks vidya.. sure will pass on your wishes to them.

Anonymous said...

that was lovely indeed.. a full round up.. i had goosebumps.. i have it even now.. when i read about stories about families, i become emotional..

this is such a moment... happy anniversary to uncle and aunty

Viji said...

thanks for the wishes chriz.. family does that to everyone..emotions hold the front seat there.

My wishes for them. Sweet Memories.

How come you missed out swabimam, you remember Junoon -:)

My prayers that they be blessed with all Health, Happiness and Wealth in this beautiful day.

Viji said...

Thanks Deva...shanthi and swabhiman are afternoon serials :) i never got to watch them... my mom did

Unknown said...

Boy,Viji! Its a lovely post.I have not made a comment for any of ur posts so far although I regularly read your blog. Your amazing memory, the affection and love for your parents are making me write this. Of course, You are a wonderful writer. And I wish your parents great health and energy. Sorry about the late wishes.But as they say, better late than never!

Viji said...

Thanks Kiran... thank you so much :)

Prabodh said...

Whoa!! It is a lovely post...Good wishes to ur parents..and the best thing in the post was u remember so many things....kool.

One more thing ..U look so similar to ur mom ...I mean carbon copy...from now i m a regular reader to ur blog..:D ...

Viji said...

Hey Prabodh... that's a lovely surprise :) thanks for dropping in...you are the first person who had said that I resemble my mom... everyone used to say i resemble my dad.. thanks for that too :)

i would really love to hear what you think about my blog...

Some more addition to that.

First movie in our Philips B/w TV is Annai - Tamil Movie.

That time every wednesday "Katla Mazhai" used to come at 7PM to 7: 30 PM.

first movie in the CAT 14 was "Ramanujar" - sunday afternoon - by DD - National channel with English Sub headings.
Antenna was not Connected our very own Great Vasu, used to keep the hand for slightly better reception.

Hitachi Two-in-one - Were i used to record all your Gossips and we used to laugh out loud later... and those were the days where we used to borrow the cassette from Sesha and used to listen to Tezaab and QSQT.... where i used to like Tezaab and u QSQT...

Your college days were u used to say...oye oyee....tiruchi topiwala song of Tridev.....

Remember, the sony cassette where we recorded for Idhayatha thirudathey and Agni natchathram in one cassette....

Ani episode... remember the Shiva hospital where mom and i stayed the first night when ani was born...the whole night he cried in the Craddle and stopped crying the moment mom put him in the floor with all bedding direct under the fan....

See mom pamphered him right from the day 1.... :)

Viji said...

hi srik... yes I remember every incident you cited :) golden days... your comment is as lovely as usual :) thank you srik

Viji said...

srik one more thing to add abt siva hospital episode... i weighed 44 kgs then:( damn! make it double... double DAMN! wish i cd go back to that weight.

Sorry i dont know who u r before this, but now i like had an intro of u.

By the way i felt really happy seeing ur post, such a great thing u have done.

Long live your parents and let me convey my best wishes for ur kids so they write something like this for u.

Hope ur life will be successfull always as u have a great position in ur heart for ur parents

Wish u all success

It is really great u have done a beautiful thing like this to ur parents.

Hope ur family all success

Viji said...

Thanks Naga :) Happy that you dropped by and left a comment...

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