"absence makes the heart grow fonder"?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 4 Comments

As the train sped by
A soul kept wake
Counting the miles
That took her away.

Every furlong
Made her heart fonder;
More fonder...
The hum of the train
Seem to whisper his name
With a smile,
She strained to hear
Through the wind.

His voice beckoning
"Wait" she fussed
"Fast" he stressed
She closed her eyes
Felt his breath blowing
on her face.

Her face ablaze,
Tried to push him aside.
The more she pushed,
The more he strained.
When he caught her,
She didn't want to say "NO" anymore.

The train sped by
The miles flew
The furlong grew
Love for YOU stood,
Miles meant nothing,
Just that I had to close my eyes.


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Opaque said...

Hmm, there is this sensual subtext to this. Nice work!

Viji said...

@Ajey yeah! there is :)

his breath blowing on her face

Miles meant nothing,
Just that I had to close my eyes.

Beautiful lines........

Viji said...

@devasena thank you :)

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