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Day faded and stars set to glow,
I started to walk, as music begun to flow.
Saw a maid, dressed in black
Her thoughts awake and hips swayed.

She called herself a gypsy of no land,
And love to wander from land to land.
She pined to catch the stars from above
And danced and wiggled her hip around.

I stood at a distance and watched her moves,
It was fascinating to watch her croon.
Like a pea hen, she was colorfully dressed,
Beads and flowers decked her neck.

Every sway and every move of her,
Beckoned her love, to reach for her.
She closed her eyes and hugged her breasts,
Called out to her lover, to ease her fret.

Her arms moved from side to side,
Looked like a snake, glittering and bright.
She ran, stopped and then walked to the spot,
Crying out his name to the world all fraught.

She danced and danced with all her might,
And then, she dropped to her knees and cried.
Her voice filled with pain and pleasure,
Moaned and cursed and wished for her treasure.

Pity her lover was not present,
To hear her moan for his presence.
I stood rooted and did nothing,
An unwanted visitor, but who stole the moment.


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Opaque said...

Good good! I haven't seen you at my spot since long now. I hope all is well.

Viji said...

Thanks Ajey for reading my post... I will be visiting yours shortly. I will mail you..

Viji said...

Shuixianyuhui says "Hatred is a double-edged sword, hurt others, but also hurt their own"

Thanks to google translator... Thanks for leaving your comment :)

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