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A wife's dream on her man:
  1. Husband who is an early riser and love to start the day by brewing strong coffee. 
  2. Who insists on his wife resting at least till 8 AM in the morning.
  3. Who love to make breakfast for the kids, run their bath and help them getting ready to school.
  4. Who rush to the bed, kisses his wife on her forehead and tell her, "You look gorgeous love with you hair all mussed up and I don't have the heart to wake you. I had made your breakfast and also prepared a cold lunch for you. Enjoy your breakfast and lunch :) and don't bother about laundry or doing vessels, I will tackle with that in the evening.
  5. "Hey! forgot to tell you, I remembered to rent those DVD's you were asking for, watch the films."
  6. "I am leaving my car, sweetheart! you wanted to meet your friends, didn't you?"
  7. "I love you, Babe! It's this time 3 years back, I proposed to you and time flies ain't it? It's as if yesterday, since I confessed my love to you... look what I've got for you?"
  8. "Wish I had met you early, that way I would have been fortunate to have had more years with you."
How men's mind works overtime:
  1. "I need my caffeine, before she wakes up and start nagging me."
  2. "Oh! god, let her not wake up so soon... let her sleep for a while."
  3. "I'd rather make breakfast and get the kids ready to school, than her ranting incessantly about her best friend's engagement ring"
  4. "It's getting late for the movie and my new secretary will be pissed. Let me offer to help my darling wife and get the hell out of here ASAP. I can always have the excuse to do the dishes and washing and have some peace in the evening."
  5. "These flicks, would make her cry and blow her nose and at the end of it, she will be tired and go to sleep." 
  6. "There is very less gas in the car, hope she remembers to fill it."
  7. "I've done my deed for my day. Moms are dears. Thank you, Mom! for reminding me about the day of my engagement. I am in her good books again." 
  8. "Wish I met you early, that way I can blame my age for not remembering occasions and escape your wrath."
Statutory warning:

Men or Women are not always calculative, cynical, closed or dull headed.  They are at times clever, witty and intelligent. They do strange things when they are bored or in rebellious moods and they revel in such moments and those moments keep them going. Ah! and obviously they take turns. Isn't it boring to have intelligent conversations all the time?


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Opaque said...

Funny! But, I hope this is not generalized.

Viji said...

not generalized... just for pure fun :)

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