Throes of a chronic loser

Thursday, April 08, 2010 , 4 Comments

Nothing is perfect.
The moon has shadows,
Sun shines too hard
Flowers looking divine, smells rot.

There is a head and tail,
Hidden inside every flipped coin.
Failures hidden behind every success.
Where success exists but just for a second.

I got a glimpse of the gorgeous dress,
Beautifully stitched, the way I wished.
I extended my hands to feel the texture,
And its just a dream that can't be captured.

I chose to walk the path of Chronic losers,
The land of self inflicted pains,
Where, I listened to more throes and woes.
Tired, gazed back, and started to retrace my steps.


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4 Candles:

Viji said...

Yes, I have labeled it under Humour :) got my point?

Opaque said...

Funny, in a different way! One must remember that losers are worthy of respect because they've tried and then failed. An act of trying is always commendable.

Viji said...

Exactly Ajey...thank you!

written well Viji! dont know what to say... really excellent piece

wisdom comes with experience

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