A Boy, A Girl, A Fight

Thursday, April 08, 2010 , 4 Comments

You got some serious explaining to do,

On why your brain over work like a shrew.

I told you that I'd be out for the day,

And you assumed that I've chucked you out of my way.

It was a surprise to see your face,

All puffed up and no smile under trace.

I wanna hug you and gather you close,

You stepped back and said adiĆ³s.

Wondering, what could be the reason,

While you kept staring, like an owl at prowling season.

Tell me why? Is your anger right?

What did I do now? you look as if you'd bite.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry,

When you began to explain with crossed eye.

So, you saw me with a girl in your dream

And you feel that you have the right to scream?

You stand there still, your lips wobbling

That was a funny pose you holding

And I am forcing myself not to rush to you

To ask after that girl, who threw your stance askew.


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Viji said...

i know, i know :) it sucks big time... i had the urge to kill something and the only thing that was handy was my blog and English as usual :) Bear with me!

Opaque said...

I can see the fight here. It would be better as a story than a poem.

Viji said...

you are always right ajey :) thanks for the read...

different thought process Viji!

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