Heart to heart and hand in hand - as long as we stand!

Saturday, May 08, 2010 , 5 Comments

Holding your hands
Guided by your love,
Looked at your eyes
Warm in your stead.

You lowered me down
On the grass so green,
The sea turned blue
The sky azure.

The breeze so balmy
Enveloping us,
We lay that way
For hours at a stretch.

The time stood frozen
As we gasped in unison,
The lift of your eyebrow
Your breath on my face,

Made me want to coil and enter you,
Like a snake slithering through.
Wanted to hug your frame from with in,
Would hate to leave even for a second.

Hold me to you
With warmth and passion,
And promise to love me
As long as we stand.


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Harsha said...

I reserve my comments.. :)

Viji said...

cough cough :)

So this is what they do after the wave thrashing, thunder rolling, roller coster tospy turving feeling - Pyaar hua ikraar hua - Innocent scribbles :) ..

I too thought for a split second that they must be dumb, reading the below line:

We lay that way
For hours at a stretch.

you enlightened us all with the last one.

Opaque said...

Good one!

Viji said...

@devs hee hee... you called me and sure dumb??? don't you dare!
@Ajey thanks

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