What "Music" means to Shiv !!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010 , 6 Comments

As I had once mentioned in one of my posts, I work in HR function of an IT company and been working there for close to 5 years now.  I would have browsed, reviewed thousands of resumes, technical and functional or techno-functional. After I finish reviewing each profile, my fingers flip to the last page, where the personal info and interests can be seen.

Hobbies section, is what I look at eagerly, varied interests; cooking, fishing, swimming, hiking, sketching, flying an air-plane... But there is a mandatory sentence which is present in every profile, that's "listening to music".

I love to listen to music too everyday, while I commute to and fro to my office. But, I look at the scenes outside, and at times remove my ear plug to chat with a friend. Many a times, I even forget that a song is playing as my interest is caught elsewhere, my mind planning on that day's activities.

But Today, I had the chance to see, what music does to some people.  I had breakfast with a friend,  asusual we were talking about the day to day grind. It was then, I gave him my i pod and asked him to listen to a song, a favourite of his.

He plugged the ear phones in his ears and started to listen. I sat there and looked at him. His face transformed, tranquility set in. A smile wreathed his face, his eyes closed and he became one with the song. It was a divine feeling to watch him. I could feel the rush of tears in my eyes.  I had to tap on his shoulder and told him that I will lend it to him for few days, as he was travelling that night to his home town. He could have the pleasure of listening to his music, while travelling.  He said "No". It was abrupt.

A chronic music lover, saying "NO" to an i pod? Shook my head and left. He should have had his reasons, for not wanting to take the i pod.  He could easily buy one, but he stays away from doing that. His reply was, "Music is everything to me, when I start listening to it, I will transcend to a different world and I would hate to come back. But, I will be forced to." It may not be an exact quote but that's the gist of it. He told me once, that he does not listen to music except for weekends and the long evenings spent in his room.

We were surrounded by hundreds of people at our office cafeteria. But, that was an intimate moment shared between Shiv and his music.  He forgot the world. He forgot that, I was sitting before him. He didn't exist too, while he listened to Yuvaraj's, "Manmohini..., Manmohini Morey Man Bhave". Wish, I had a camera then, I would have captured that tranquil moment.

I cursed myself, for tapping on his shoulders and take him away from his music. But, it is not polite to leave the place, with out saying a Bye, isn't it?  But, was he angry that I disturbed him? Did he glare at me? Nope. He didn't. But there was a sadness in his eyes, the sadness that would reflect in my eyes, when Suresh leaves for a long trip. The longing look coupled with a sadness, of having a thing dear to heart, for a very short time and grabbed away brutally.  Hope he does not meet the girl of his life, during the weekend.  He would certainly miss her.  Well! That's what it is!! What "Music" means to Shiv....


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Opaque said...

Music expressed what words and silence fails to.

Viji said...

yes Ajey...how true!

Hari said...

Well...ideally such a person shouldn't miss it any time. Like see, I love the sky, and the sea so much. But it isn't necessary that I should see these all the time. Have you seen the Tamil film in which Prabhu Deva thinks like this, and a cloud appears above him with the rain. For me, it is like that between me, the sky and the sea. I don't seem to miss any of these. If I miss something, then it means my love for it is incomplete and yet to mature. That is just my humble opinion. I try to check if I miss Aparna every time, and if I do, I feel bad. :)

Viji said...

@ Hari thanks for reading my post and commenting on it. I might differ a little here. You and me are alike, we just want to grasp things we love, even if it is for a moment. But, some people differ. The would want to enjoy a thing at the fullest. Nothing, short of that would satisfy them. Take for an instance, a child holds it favourite toy, try to grab the toy away from him/her. there would be a ruckus. Passion is what makes the difference and Hari, opinions and practices differs and that's what make life spicy.

Viji said...

LoganO says "Action may not succeed every time, but sit and no, absolutely no success at all ............................... .............."

Viji said...

@Logan with a capital O, it is difficult to comprehend the meaning, when I tried to translate it through google. But truly I appreciate you dropping in, reading my post and took time to comment.Thanks a bunch :)

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