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Sunday, July 25, 2010 , 7 Comments

Been a while, since I wrote a post.  This happens to be my 150th post.  I wanted it to be different.  Thought about few innovative, interesting things to bring about in this post.

Lack of time, lack of interest and lack of spirit.  Every thing that happened during the past two weeks, had its ups and down.  Mood swings were at its ultimate.  One moment, I was high in spirits, giggled and laughed. The next stormy, broody, anger leashing. Had to accept one fact, I am not getting any younger.

When all this were happening inside me, my blogger rating (indi blogger) came to an all time low hit.  From 79 out of 100, it came to 55 last month and this month it is 42. Not that, I keep count, but it mattered to me.  Few of those who followed my blog, liked my easy way of writing, few liked my poems, few liked the articles. Many found it simple, not much grandeur. The blog is what, I am.  Every post is honest and straight from my heart.

I would like to thank all those, who took time to type, "" in their web browser or those who googled to read my blog.

But, there is one friend in particular whom I would like to thank, for his consistent support online and offline. Who is always there for me... backed me, at my worst moments and my hit moments. We had our shares of fights, arguments. But every fight, every argument brought us little closer. Few are fortunate to have such a friendship going. An easy and fun filled friendship.. He is younger to me but wiser. Whenever, I face a grumble from my son, I will turn to ask him, how to deal it in a right way.  He gives out the best way, as he is more closer to my son's age - a generation younger than me and a generation above my son.  He knows the expectations and draw a line between fantasy and practicality in a kid and how to face the situation.

I learnt from him how to live, survive and fight.  Those who know him, should be aware of his passionate nature, be it work, his love for his gal, or his hospital episodes. Never a dull moment. Even the painful moans during his stay at hospitals, always end with a laugh or a giggle. Never met a guy like him, I doubt I would ever meet one like him. Unique in every way.

I wish him success and pray his life is filled with happiest moments.  He has found the girl of his dream and decided to shed his bachelorhood and is ready to take the wedding vows.  I will pray for him and his bride for a joyous, healthy wedded life... waiting for December 12th for the great day...

This post, I dedicate to him and my own way of thanking him, for all he has done to me till this day.


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Opaque said...

A good post! Congrats! It is good to see people remembering the ones who were there with them during uphill struggles. There are very few of you left in this world.

Unknown said...

What can be a better way to acknowledge a great fren! Kudos, Viji.

Viji said...

Thanks, Ajey!
Thanks, Kiran!
Every sentence, when I penned, I realised how fortunate I am, to have a friend like Manoj.

Unknown said...

Man...iam overwhelmed...i am much obliged. in fact if you could see me sitting in my bay right now, you would see a bright red, grinning fool reading about himself...thanks thing your post lacked however was to mention the fact that friendship is a two-way street. I have received from you as much as i have given..thanks buddy

Viji said...

@manoj smiles!!! :)

Like what Kiran has mentioned, this a sweet way of acknowledging a caring person in ur life!

Viji said...

thanks devs :)

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