It only hurts, when I breathe!

Sunday, July 25, 2010 , 4 Comments

A mask I wear, to hide despair...
Feeling the pain, as I sucked the air...

Not gliding but clashing with every wall
It clawed, stalling as it scrawled.

Pained when it entered, pained when it exit
How can I fight? the gruelling conflict.

Every day in and every day out,
Holding a smile and clinging to my life.

Its almost sacred, a breath for me
Than a deity, extraordinary...

Mission: "Save your breath"


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4 Candles:

Unknown said...

Deities come and deities go
even the eyes of deities flow
flooded by their own sorrows
conflicts and pain no one chose

Good one Viji...loved the bareness and simplicity of it all...and as usual couldnt resist adding to it.

Viji said...

:) thanks manoj... asusal... i like those additions, i shd say.

Nice one Viji. I understand the deeper meaning of it.
But on lighter sense, I take it in my current predicament.

Recently I broke my nose after an accident,have to undergo septoplasty, each line looks its written for me -:)

True, it pains when it enters and exits

Viji said...

thanks devs... i was wondering why you are not in office :( take care devasens... pls take care...

but how did you break your nose? what happened? may be we will take it offline :) missing you at office

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